Nomination for Greatest Briton 2006

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by rubicon, Nov 1, 2006.

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  1. It has just been pointed out to me that the Daily Telegraph is asking for nominations for the Greatest Briton 2006. As usual some overpaid, overexposed, "celebrity" will probably win but I think it is time that we recognised the unsung heroes who make us proud to be British.

    I'm referring to the British soldier serving his country in the most dangerous parts of the world with seemingly no thanks from anybody.

    If you agree with me go to: or

    And nominate “Tommy Atkins” under the public life section. We should all be able to come up with 50 words why this is a good nomination. Maybe CGS will attend to pick up the award?
  2. This one's aleady on the go (see here).
  3. Changingmag - I take your point but - Having a vague but passing acquaintance with CGS, I would say he would be mortally embarrassed at being nominated as the Greatest Briton 2006. However, to be present at the awards ceremony and pick up the prize on behalf of the ordinary British Soldier (aka Tommy Atkins) would be much more to his liking.

    I do also believe that no single soldier should be nominated, as it is all of us poor bug*ers who have to work through and support the cra*p dropped on us by the Politicians.

    I therefore believe that the nominations should be for poor old “Tommy” rather than someone specific.

    Anyone care to comment?
  4. ********.Never heard of Pte Atkins then?
  5. Mlarrr!

    Tommy Atkins.....

    If we can't get that through, maybe L/CPL Beharry would be an option.......
  6. Unfortunately he's not.
    Nominated him last year and was informed that despite outstanding service to her Maj. And his comrades he is not, in point of fact a Briton, and therfore ineligible,
  7. But wouldn't it be just fantastic if we could nominate "The British Army Soldier" (collectively) and L/Cpl Beharry could accept the award in the name of all his comrades?

  8. I have put my nomination in as "The British Army Soldier" .
  9. This is mine, not bad if i do say so;

    Everyday all around the world the British soldier puts his liberty on hold and his life at risk to protect that of his countrymen!
  10. I have just been in to the Telegraph site to make my nomination and cannot believe that David Walliams of Little Britain is up there as a suggestion
  11. sorry to be a boring tw4t

    but the rules of the comp are that it has to be a living individual
    as stated on the homepage

    votes for tommy atkins, noble - but lost
  12. Although I think I see where you're coming from on this, he did swim the English Channel in a very fast time to raise £ 600 K or so for charity.
  13. Not lost at all BP - At last count there are 100000 or so living tommies :D

    So do it - vote like buggery, and even if tommy (or Tomasina?) doesn't win, we'll crash the party anyway, bezzer the celebs and do the dance of the flaming ********* on stage.

    Two rousing chorus' (chorii?) of "An Engineer said before he died" and "The hairs on her dicky di do", puke on the shag pile, grope a blue peter presenter, and RV next morning once we're released from the cells and compare bail dates.

    Anyone?.....No?....... 8O
  14. Heedthebaw

    hang on til a grab another bottle of Isle of Jura, and crate of becks
    and Ill be with youo

    to souonds of the old jockanise battlecry of

  15. WAH!

    mod edit...nominations have closed for this year's award
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