Nominate Useless Kit?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BanjoBill, Jul 28, 2010.

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  1. If this has been done - searched it can’t find it and don’t give a fuck!

    Just reading in the cookery thread about things to cook on a Hexi Stove - which reminded me... I always thought the Hexi Stove was the most useless bit of kit ever issued. Spent what felt like forever trying to get water hot enough to make a brew... never succeeded. Waste of space IMO.

    What bit of kit would you nominate as the most useless issued?
  2. I will get in first with these pearlers.

    '58 pattern Large Pack. No way could this piece of kit hold a full compliment of Active Edge clothing.

    Plastic insoles. Cheese graters of the lowest order.

    Flasher Mac. Usually issued with no belt in order to make troops on a rainswept parade ground look like a gathering at a tramps convention.

    There are more. Many many more.
  3. Ah but how many of them are stillin service? By most accounts massive improvements have been made
  4. The leather jerkin we were issued when C95 first came out. I can honestly say i've never seen anybody wear one.
  5. Any item of clothing issued from circa 1985!
  6. Cormorant

    Royal Signals Tech toolbox
  7. I am pleased to hear it. We obviously fancied a challenge in my day.

    For example:

    Tin hat with a spider insert. Section battle drills were interesting. I spent 50% of the attack with my nose pressed into the dirt, cluless as to what was happening in front of me, whilst the other 50% was spent hanging onto my bouncing helmet as I raced forwards, gripping my SLR and sounding like a gypsy pot seller on speed.

    Cardboard suitcase. Not allowed to hitchike/travel on Public transport in uniform because of the IRA threat, yet you could play "spot the squaddie" on any railway platform with this large brown bulky target.

    There was always the alternative though.

    Kit bag. Nice piece of kit that you could certainly "pack all your troubles" into. However with 244 Knife Fork Spoon Claspknive in large lettering along the length I refer you to the Suitcase scenario.

    Kangol Beret Plastic headband that was prone to cracking and ripping your forehead, as well as looking shite, and was a killer to shape properly due to the eeeenormous size.
  8. Fronty

    Fronty Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    No one's mentioned the jetpack "daysack" then? Pretty much useless for carrying anything but PT kit in, but in the field, can be filled almost completely by the issue goretex. Also a nightmare to put together in the dark.

    'Tis a good job the NI daysacks came out.
  9. Those bloody awful rubberised waterproofs that let the water in when it rained and when it stopped were just as wet inside from condensation.
  10. Perhaps the Hexi stove is adequate and you are useless.
  11. GIAT containerised operating theatre. Even the French didnt like it and it was their design.
  12. The green plastic belt issued from the early seventies onwards. Looked horrible and didn't actually "do" anything useful.
  13. Personally think the Hexi has its uses, used one a few weeks ago for the first time in ages and was impressed in a nostalgic sort of way.

    as for them silly thin clasp knives that came out with the yellow cord attached..why didnt we just keep the original "oil the joints"

    Or how about tea bag tropicals?? Or looking back now, the issue roll mat?
  14. Seconded, you must have been uber bonk if you couldnt knock up a hot wet with a hexi.
  15. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    The 7.62 chain gun, deployed into Warrior. Appalling bit of kit that the Yanks didn't want and sold it to us. Gravity fed, too...

    So we turned it upside down and played dead a lot during range time trying to clear stoppages.

    Might not be classed as kit in everyone's mind, but to me it was one chuffing useless bit of metal.