Nominal Role 7 Fd Sqn RE Before 1995

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by bluearmy, May 24, 2006.

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  1. Any lads remember when we were at nienburg. :D
  2. Yep...

    3 Troop 7 FIELD Squadron, from 91 to 94.....

    Bomber cross was troop staffie.

    When were you there?
  3. 87-94 i was in 3 troop for the gulf but mainly hq troop
  4. 87 - 93

    Troop Staffies were

    I was 2Tp Dog (mainly 7 Sqn guys) for GW1 Dogs GW1 Page
  5. Yeah its a good site. i was gary cross's signaller
  6. Didn't you and the driver have a scrap with him ? or was that one of the full screws ?
  7. yeah thats right we did, all over a poxy 9x9 tent
  8. yeah thats right we did, all over a poxy 9x9 tent
  9. Hello. I was in 7 sqn 91 - 94.
    done time in 1 tp and 4 tp
    I had the pleasures of Staff Spencer (God he liked to run) and Staff frost before I left.
  10. Spence is a capt now!!!!!!
  11. Yep, I was in 1tp from 90 to 94, Brent as troopy then some other young guy can't remember, In the winning 5 bay team in 93'. Great times.
  12. 1 Tp, 88 to 90, Brent was the troopy, saw him again when he got to 49 Sqn as OC. Still got a brain the size of several small planets and still completely un-bluffable!