Nolan Live 27/10/08 @2100hrs BBC1 NI

Maybe some of those in NI will watch it. Personally, I can no longer bear to watch the likes of Sinn Fein, or whoever, spewing their usual evil, vile and unjustifiable shite. I posted something earlier from the Belfast Telegraph about this parade, which Ithought was well written and said it all. I hope lots of you read it.
I watched it. No one expected for a moment that the attitudes of Sinn Fein had changed. They are still as bitter as ever. As the DUP man said, why not protest on a different day. We all know this is not a peaceful anti-war demonstration, this is about British occupation and I know the demonstartion will not be without incident (though minor stuff might not be reported). Recent years in NI have been prosperous for both sides of the community due to a mega housing boom. IMHO this has gone some way to stabilising things in NI, that has now gone and maybe things will go back to the bad old days. The economy is poor, people are pesimistic and that brings the bad out in people.

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