Nokia Lumia 820 battery issues

Need a bit of help as Nokia's support forums aren't great.

So I've had my 820 for about 6 months and its been fine, however over the last week with no change in how I use the phone the battery life has taken a nose dive and its also getting very warm / hot when not being used.

Looking over the nokias help and support I've done the following
- no background apps running
- enabled battery saver mode
- blocked nokia drive
- switched off Bluetooth, wifi ect
- turned it off and on again

all of which doesn't seem to have made a difference as from a full charge i'm down to 60% battery life in just 2 hours with the phone saying 5 hours of battery life remaining. where as before the phone would last 15 to 20 hours on standby.

any help would be appreciated as I get the feeling it might be time to dig out the receipt.

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