Nokia C6-01

Long story short, my Nokia X6 went tits up and as this phone is no longer being produced, O2 are replacing it with a Nokia C6-01 (closest like for like, apparently). What I've been able to search online looks good, but I'd be interested to hear what current users have to say about it, good and bad points. Any problems I should be aware of?
X6 not produced any more - bugga! What network you on? Orange had no trouble sending two replacements within the last month.
O2. Now got my mitts on the the C6-01, gotta say it's pretty nice. Still finding where everything is but as Nokia tend to keep things similar in all their models, it's not proving too difficult to handle. A lot of the functions and the whole look of things is a lot like my friends Samsung, which is good as my next upgrade was going to be to the Samsung S2, if this phone is as good as it appears to be, I may not bother now.
One week on, problems I have found. When typing a message using the alphanumeric keyboard, the options key is just below the space (0) so I invariably hit that by accident and either changing the language or changing to the qwerty keyboard. If you had someone to a group for text messages, there doesn't seem to be any way to later delete them from the group and similarly, if you add a bookmark for a web page, there isn't a way to later delete the bookmark if you don't need it any more.

I've googled the last two problems with no luck, if any of you bright sparks know the answer, let me know!

Oh and the battery lasts about 24 hours :-(
I wouldn't get too used to this phone, as Nokia are dropping Symbian in favour of Windows 7, so your current operating software is dead in the water.
I'm not. Although I wavered when I first got the phone, after a week I'm more certain that come upgrade time in April I will be migrating to a Samsung.

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