Nokia 6310i

im looking for cheap nokia deals on the 6310i if anyone knows a good source please let me in on it!. So far the price ive been quoted was dam stupid (im sure they were trying include the whole exchange!!!) :?:
I've got a 6310i which i've had well over a year. I didnt think they sold the model anymore. I only paid a 40 quid upgrade charge for it new.

Have a look round ebay and see if you can pick one up. I believe MDN (one of the boards users) does good mobile deals (or so i was once told), you might want to drop him a PM.

Try this lot (they offer good prices for trade-ins as well) -

But seriously, do you want a 6310i? Some of the more recent Nokias are much better. Take a look at the options on -

And eBay is always useful for checking out specifications, prices, etc.


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