NOK appling for T.E.M




Where is the best place to get my recently deceased grandfathers service number and exact corps from when he was in the TA.
He was demobbed in 1946 with the 39-45 star, F+G star and the war medal. He subsequently joined the TA monkeys in Glasgow circa 1948 and served for 17 years, leaving as a staffy. I received them not long ago and noticed the TEM is missing and I know it has never been applied for and I these details need it to apply for it as I believe that his service number changed when demobbed and re-enlisted.

Sad as it is, I have my dads, step dads and grandparents etc medals and some original service records that have been handed down, going back to the Egypt medal in 1882, this doesn't seem compete without it(I've been a spotter from a very young age). Especially once mine start adding on!

cheers in advance
You could try the London Gazette they may have it listed


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