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Discussion in 'DIY' started by Gonzo33, Aug 27, 2013.

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  1. Gonzo33

    Gonzo33 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    We live in our own home. Moved in in December.

    Anyway I have what looks like a condenser boiler (Gloworm) in the garage and in the airing cupboard upstairs I have an immersion boiler with what looks like another tank on top.

    I know it is not a condenser boiler but I can't remember the name of it so there you go.

    The property is 6 years old and the boiler was installed at the time the property was built.

    Anyway, most days now the immersion tank makes an almighty banging sound like a bomb going off. It has been happening for a few months now and I am wondering if I need to be worried.


    G x
  2. Shit, saw the title and thought this was a thread about the wife............sounds like (bad pun) you have air in the system somewhere but that's the limit of my techy stuff but you could try the following (disclaimer-I know this works for hot water systems with tanks)

    get a hair washing attachment that goes over the hot and cold taps.

    take of the shower bit

    turn on hot tap

    fold over hose or place finger over end

    turn on cold - extra cold pressure forces back through the hot system and blows the airlock back.

    Worked for me in my last quarter bur see disclaimer above
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  3. Gonzo33

    Gonzo33 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Ok, I never thought about that. I bled the radiators but that is as far as my technical knowledge goes to be honest.
  4. Ditto. I normally pour her another large Gin and myself a larger Lagavulin.
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  5. You can't really diagnose something like this on the internet, you have to be there in front of the boiler, it sounds like a condensing, system boiler from the age.

    If you're living on an estate, ask your neighbours if they know a decent local guy who's done work for others... he should know the type of system, and the built- in flaws the builders created.

    Banging in the system suggests a combination of pump, air and possibly the diverter valve.
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  6. I think I had a similar set up to you from the sound of it, although mine was 20-plus years old with a Thorn EMI boiler. I kind of got used to sprinting to switch it off whenever I heard the thing building up to an 'eruption'- mine would bang several times in a row and, like you, I worried that something that loud must be capable of causing damage. Anyway the symptom is called 'kettling' apparently and meant that my boiler was shagged. I replaced it with a Worcester Bosch combi boiler and wish I'd done it years before.
    That said your system is considerably newer than my old one was so maybe something else.
  7. Gonzo33

    Gonzo33 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Ok. Sounds like I need a gas safe engineer. Thanks anyways gents.

    Carpe Diem
  8. Sounds like boiler aids...

    You'll have to knock the house down and rebuild, I'm afraid.
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  9. My boiler is also making a bit more noise than usual. As I'm a great believer in "If a job is worth doing, it's worth paying someone to do it properly" I'll get a suitably qualified tradesman in to fix it for me. If something goes wrong I can then blame them...

    I hate fiddling with anything to do with electrics or plumbing which have the potential to go very expensively wrong. One DIY disaster was enough for me...


  10. Gonzo33

    Gonzo33 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Trust me I am going that way.

    Carpe Diem
  11. B&Q have got a free boiler replacement thing going on at the mo'
    Need to prove you're in receipt of a benefit from DWP and that your boiler is shite.

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  12. It sounds like you have a pressurised water system. The tank on top of the water tank is too provide a head of pressure to the system. Over time they loose water and need a refill. There should be stop cock / tap and a pipe somewhere on the system that will refill the system.

    I had to do the mother in laws system earlier this year but without visiting her I cannot remember the full details. I then had to bleed all the radiators in the house. This stopped all the banging. Without seeing your system I could be talking absolute ballcocks. Do a google search on pressurised systems. It may help to determine what sort of system you have.

  13. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    My mother who is 65 got that done to replace her old boiler.
    A few months later the gas man came on a routine check and condemed it as poorly fitted and in the wrong location.
  14. I moved into my house 26 years ago and had the same noises. When I'd built up sufficient funds, I had the boiler replaced on the advice of a British Gas engineer. It made no difference. It's still making the noises.

    What I have noticed, though, is that the hot water header tank fills with limescale, I'm guessing ejected from the pipes while the noise is going off (very hard water area). The header tank is a bit difficult to access so I've never been able to look into it while the noises are happening to confirm this. Needless to say, I don't know what the solution is.
  15. Gonzo33

    Gonzo33 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    I had british gas out and it turns out that the springs needed replacing and because they stuck and then released and the external copper pipe is not shored down properly they vibrate and make the banging noise. Anyway he has replaced the springs and it's not making the noise at the moment.