Noise induced hearing loss in one ear.

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by NVG_Goatman, Aug 13, 2009.

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  1. I just found out I got noise induced hearing loss, but the doc said that normally it's in both ears.

    Has anyone else got NIHL in their Left ear only? I heard one crazy theory that it could be due to the left being nearer the muzzle of the rifle. Or it could just be that that's the side mother-dearest dropped me on more frequently when I was a sprog.
  2. I had the same, mucker. Two years into my service, I went stone-deaf in me right lughole. Which would mirror your case, since I'm left-handed and I always fired the SLR from my left shoulder. I still served on for yonks though, so maybe it makes a difference if you're already in or still wanting to join.

  3. mwl946

    mwl946 LE Good Egg (charities)

    Have the same thing, discovered by chance. Mine is my RIGHT ear though. When asked if I had been exposed to noise I mentioned my involvement in shooting. Strange, said the Doc, usually the right ear is protected and hearing loss due to shooting is generally in the left. Do you fire left handed?? (which I dont)

    Finally sussed it was down to the fact that Im more usually coaching than firing.

    His advice to me was to double up on ear protection - plug plus amplivox. Fingers crossed but seems to have been no further deterioration in a year.
  4. Hey wot pardon?

    It used to be called SLR ear by some, most blokes had more hearing loss in the right ear, their normal firing side. Until the advent of amplivox and the like ear defence was not as good as it is now.

    Due to the nature of the job you are going to have more hearing loss than your average office worker - unless he has his IPOD on full volume.

    As rightly said though the rifle next to you will cause more hearing loss than your own.

    Also sitting on an HF radio (as many do) is not going to help all that white noise, morse etc.

    Thing is its can only get worse, you have to protect what you have left, personally for me when I left and had all the tests I was inside the parameters thus meaning I couldn't claim.

    First noticed my loss when I could hear my watch ticking in one ear but not the other.
  5. Hi Guys

    I used to have a considerable hearing loss in both ears. I used to be a Police firearms officer.It got so bad that I went to my GP who told me to see the nurse to have my ears syringed, did this numerous times with no success. Eventually a new practice nurse arrived from New Zealand who had worked in an ENT hospital there. She said that the bodies natural defence against loud noise is to increase the amount of wax in the ear chamber.She started syringing and after 15 mins pronouced that there there was something horrible and black, blocking the ear channel.She used tweezers to remove a rock hard piece of wax, the size of a cashew nut , she also removed a similar one from my other ear. My hearing is now 100%, so it may be a case of getting your ears syringed and explaining your past history with your GP. I hope this has helped
  6. Thanks all.

    Next stop should probably be the GP then.
  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    NIHL became an issue in about 87/88 and made it onto part 1 orders. Sadly the amount of kit carried on ops then meant that we had no choice but to suffer. Now it would be nice for the Govt to compensate those of us with NIHL/Tinnitus and mine is left ear only and staying hidden until I really do fail the next hearing test at work.
    I dont use plus when shooting game or deer but when practising on a range or at clays I do!
    I suspect a lot was down to electronic noise and choppers!
  8. I have it in the right ear as well - too many APWTs with the SLR and the old pink "insert" ear plugs.

    Also firing the 84mm when you couldn't use the pink ear plugs and the amplivox only covered the left ear - the right ear was pressed up against the side of the gun tube so you could look through the effin' sight.

    Medics told me the 84mm did the most damage.

  9. It made me want to barf over my breakfast, but quite interesting (esp. my bold) none the less :D
  10. Back in the mid-90s I had to undergo a full flying medical at Boscombe Down. I was told, then, that I had NIHL in the left ear and the RAF body mechanic put it down to service in tanks. He also gave me an official chit and told me to bang in for a disability pension, albeit very small - pence per annum, probably. Didn't do it, though!