Noels Christmas Presents (bereaved forces children)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by cav_sig, Dec 21, 2007.

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  1. Not sure if this is the right place but wanted you all to know about this as i think it shows that we are all thought about a bit more than we think. This year Noel is bringing back this show after 10 years and among the tearfull surprises he has made this year is one that im sure you would all be pleased to hear about.
    At the xmas party arranged by the forces childrens trust for the children of Army and R.A.F. widows this year, Noel turned up and surprised them all with the present of taking them all to Lapland to meet santa.
    He took 20 widows and 30 children who have lost thier Daddy's while serving in the forces for the trip of a lifetime.
    It will be aired on sky one over xmas starting on 23rd.
    I just thought it was a bit of a boost for you to read that the sacrifice they made is remembered and respected by some.
  2. Sometimes he looks as if he could eat himself, he thinks he is so good.... but whenhe did this before it was quite heart wrenching to see the kiddies etc getting trips to see santa etc etc..

    Glad its back, and although cynics will see it as whoring himself out for the good press it will get him, it is at least someone in a position of wealth doing something for the under privileged, and more to the point for the families of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for the country.. Good on the bearded sh1tflap!!
  3. All I can say is if Noel is whoring himself then good on him, the end result is some children whose christmas was going to be sad have a really good time

    good drills beardy bloke
  4. I like Noel's beard.
  5. Edmunds is a self-serving cnut, and filming this sort of mawkish tripe should be forbidden by law.

    Just do the good deeds and STFU about it.
  6. Quite true, cynical alarm bells going off. Cost of making the program, not much, revenue earned from selling it to sky, lots. Simple profiteering. You wont see the production company or Edmong donating their fee or doing this without a film crew and make-up department following them.

    HOWEVER (and it's big however), they could have done something else with the airtime and net result is a great trip to lapland for the kids so good on them - I would rather see this happen than not and it wont do any harm to give your average Sky One viewer an insight into the fallout of the current governments foreign policy.
  7. With you on that.
  8. As one of the mothers/widows on the trip i have no doubt that it was about the publicity for them and at one point was ready to remind them why these children were there but for the children they knew nothing of this side of it and it was all about them enjoying themselves, a good memory for them to have and watch, for some so soon after the bad memories they will always have.
  9. I guess as adults you just get cynical.

    It was about the kids and ask them what they thought. I don't think any of them will have a bad thing to say about it.
  10. Cav Sig, I think I know who you are but have never met you personally but read a couple of articles about you. As long as you and your children enjoyed the trip then thats all that matters. If I'm correct in my assumptions then you also served? Happy Xmas to you and the little 'uns.
  11. Well,fair play to Edmonds and Co, anyone that gives more then a passing thought to the real fall out of TELIC and HERRICK and makes Christmas brighter for the children who have lost their' mother, father, brother or sister should be applauded.

    Noel Edmonds is an easy target, but would we rather see one of the current "celebrities" a la Victoria Beckham fronting it? - at least he has a track record for this sort of broadcast.

    For those 30 children (and I would guess the widows, in seeing their childrens' reaction), the experience will be a wonderful memory.

    Didn't see the broadcast - any ideas if it's being repeated?
  12. Repeated a few times on sky one and another sky channel i think tomorrow and xmas day in the morning. Although i warn you now some of the other stories are tear jerkers and ours is at the end of the show!
  13. Kleenex at ready - I just know I am going to regret that!
  14. He might be self serving and this might have been a publicity thing, but, I for one found it very moving and (in my household), a 6 year old and a 9 year old asking why tattooed fcukwit ex squaddy daddy had leaking eyes and then explaining the childrens (on the telly) loss, was worth it. Fair play to Noel, whatever his reasons (which I personally think were not all self centred), he gave those families a great time during a period of great loss and sadness.

    Good man and Merry Xmas to him for doing it.

    If the rest of the British public saw it in the same way that I did, then Noel has done all of our brothers a service.
  15. I have no quarrel with the fact that these children and families deserved some joy in their lives but I find myself quietly seething with rage at slebs who manipulate the public's emotions for their own aggrandisement.

    In this instance, I'd recommend nailing the loathsome bearded cretin's tongue to a church door with a nail for every family he's exploited. Then sieze his assets and turn them over to forces charities as an example to every other empty-headed gurning sleb who may be tempted to follow that path.