Noel Edmonds speaks out some more...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mutts, Sep 14, 2008.

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  1. Just seen him on Sky News- apparently he's got a new show on Sky. 'Ohhh riiiiight... that'll be it' was my first somewhat cynical thought about his stance on the licence fee. But hang on a second, I'm going to give this a chance: it's called 'Noel's HQ' where the idea is apparently trying to address a few issues with the way British society's going down the kludgie.

    Not sure where the whole 'Saint Noel' thing came from, and of course, it's a ratings thing too, but as I said, I'll give it a chance. Good shout on the respect and support for the elderly and us lot as well. I guess it's back to the whole Mongomania thing again, but if it takes Noel Edmonds to get through people's thick, apathetic skulls on primetime TV and maybe wake a few of the mongs in country up, well, so be it. Along with the whole TV licence thing it might spark a few ideas for the main parties' manifestos were an election called in the near future- surely were there a change of leadership resulting in a third (and another unelected) PM then an election would have to be called before 2010.

    Edited to add- also an article in The News Of The World where he speaks a lot of sense too.