Noel Edmonds speaks out some more...

Just seen him on Sky News- apparently he's got a new show on Sky. 'Ohhh riiiiight... that'll be it' was my first somewhat cynical thought about his stance on the licence fee. But hang on a second, I'm going to give this a chance: it's called 'Noel's HQ' where the idea is apparently trying to address a few issues with the way British society's going down the kludgie.

Noel Edmonds said:
If we all do a little, we can achieve a lot towards making Britain a more caring society... The audience will be people who have pledged their time and their effort to try and do something...

Clearly what's emerging is that in Britain millions of people are worried- very, very concerned- on a daily basis about the way that youth crime is developing, it's unsafe on our streets. The way we don't seem to show any compassion and respect for the elderly, and- very topical, bearing in mind that news story (the 2 Para lad killed in Helmand yesterday)- the way in which we don't show sufficient respect and support to the men and women of our Armed Forces. We have some examples tonight of ways in which you really can make a difference.

(In response to the suggestion that we are living in a broken society)
I hate the term Broken Britain, Grave Britain, Toxic Britain- because it suggests we can't do anything... what we're going to do, for 90 minutes, live from this studio tonight on Sky One, is prove that if you have a positive attitude to life in Britain, you can achieve a lot. But I do believe that the politicians have had their day- you've (Adam Boulton) been been talking to various members of the Labour Party today. We've got a Government that's more worried about party politics at the moment than running the country, and there's some very serious issues. Issues which are troubling millions of people on a daily basis and they're looking around and asking 'Who's going to help us? Who's going to put Britain back on course?' and the simple fact, Adam, is it's us- it's you, me, the man in the street, it's the people that live in this country.

(In response to the suggestion that David Cameron thinks that's his job)
This is an entirely personal view, but I have a very low view of politicians, I've met quite a few over the last few years and I think so many of them are totally out of touch. We've got to get respect back into society, we've got to care more, and again, this evening, we will be showing very, very simple ways in which on a daily basis you can care for not just your family but your neighbours and the people around you. We've lost so much in the last few years because of petty bureaucracy. We're going to have a feature called Bonkers Britain where we will highlight some of the really daft stories and we are going to try, live on the show, to slash red tape.

(On what ordinary citizens are supposed to do about knife crime)
The whole subject of knife crime is clearly very, very complex and we live in a sound-bite society. You should know that, you're at the forefront of the media. Politicians just want to give you a little sound-bite about these very serious issues, so I'm not going to try and solve knife crime per se, but we have a fantastic story this evening which I hope will inspire people to understand how you can begin the process of addressing really serious issues like knife crime.
Not sure where the whole 'Saint Noel' thing came from, and of course, it's a ratings thing too, but as I said, I'll give it a chance. Good shout on the respect and support for the elderly and us lot as well. I guess it's back to the whole Mongomania thing again, but if it takes Noel Edmonds to get through people's thick, apathetic skulls on primetime TV and maybe wake a few of the mongs in country up, well, so be it. Along with the whole TV licence thing it might spark a few ideas for the main parties' manifestos were an election called in the near future- surely were there a change of leadership resulting in a third (and another unelected) PM then an election would have to be called before 2010.

Edited to add- also an article in The News Of The World where he speaks a lot of sense too.

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