I thought the bell was on his end.


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Why do elephants have Big Ears?

Because Noddy's too tight to pay the ransom.

why have elephants got 4 feet?
they would look silly with 6 inches.
Why has Noddy got a bell on his hat? Because he is a CUNT! That is all.

That joke was told by the biggest cunt of all.....Ricky up his own arsehole Gervais!
Jesus guys lighten up. I did actually find this on Sikipedia, and blame Ricky Gervais not me.
I hope I speak for everyone when I say you're culpable, cos you're the CUNT that told it here

(Ok, its time to fess up....I'm a small-timing Walter Mitty walt)


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I'm merely just re posting from Ricky G. I blame him not me.
See that button on the laptop which is glowing green. Press it until your screen goes blank and then go and drink a litre of bleach.

That is all.

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