Nobs......what do we think of this, set up by ex army?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by thebutlerdidit, Aug 13, 2006.

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  1. I am an active member of NOBS and have been since last year! The missus is also an active member and is booked onto one of thier courses next month! Its a great bunch of guys that support or take part in country sports. So from that you can take it I FULLY support fox hunting, shooting, lamping etc etc!

    I say keep up the good work Mr Elliot!!!!!!
  2. Yes, I joined NOBS last year. My wife is also a beater and will be bringing my three year old daughter out for half-days next season. Join NOBS for the right reasons - to get access to excellent opportunities to do more beating or picking up and not for political reasons - that is what the CA is for!

    NOBS is cheap and value for money. Cool badges too...
  3. Fair doos! Without beaters and hunters nature's balance unsync!
  4. Fantastic idea. I used to beat a fair few years ago. It was a miserable job which I only done to get pally with the keeper for a bit of air rifle shooting rights & the off chance of getting a gun on beaters day !!!! All my hard work was in vain as I soon discovered a bottle of single malt allowed me one weekend a month with the air rifle & I never did get a gun on beaters day either.

  5. Brilliant idea!!
  6. [​IMG]

    Now in the US, during deer season, most dairy farmers just paint COW on the sides of all their livestock, including dogs and chickens. This may be a better idea.
  7. I think fibreglassing living animals is quite difficult.
  8. Have you been dropping acid again?...
  9. Or is Milton Keynes splashing out?
  10. Why do you say "again?" I didn't think I had worn out my welcome here yet.