Nobody tracking the trillions $ the US fed lend out

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jockass, Jul 15, 2009.

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    I think the poor girl is about to break down in tears at any moment.
    I am shocked (though not that shocked) that the US Fed seems to essentially not to be keeping track of all the gezillions of dollars that it send out to save the banks. "Howdy Mr CEO, sorry I didnt catch which bank you are from, anyway, here is a big suitcase of cash, fill you boots and spend it on what you want. We'll divvy up later, probably"
    Havent they heard of gift vouchers? I could have knocked them up an excel spreadsheet only if they had asked, and billed them for 10 million dollars too.
    Surely Labour wouldnt make the same mistake would they? Writing out blank cheques to banks and sending them out on the fly without a 1033 or any apparent visibility. Stand by for the same thing over here soon. I said at the time it was obvious that the government in its naivity would offer out cash for bailouts and the banks in their wisdom would obviously bite there arm off at the offer knowing that politicans are well meaning but clueless amatuers when it comes to finance. The old saying, 'if you are in a poker game and you cant work out who the mark is, its you'
  2. Oh stop it there's nothing to see here, move along. It is perfectly on the up and up.

    Oh and don't ask or look at where those running the Fed, Treasury, TARP, etc came from. Their ties to Goldman Sachs, Fannie and Freddie, Citibank, AIG, etc is not a conflict of interrest and it is a pure coincidence nothing more.

    Move along people nothing to see here......
  3. What's more interesting is where the money came from in the first place and where it went. The US borrowed heavily to bail out banks (private corporations) which then invested the money elsewhere.

    If ever there was an argument against allowing private companies to grow 'too big to fail', surely the US has just had its nose well and truly rubbed in it.
  4. This bail out non-sense make Madoff's scam look like childs play.

    Too big to fail is a red herring. They selected which ones were "allowed" to fail and which ones they would "save" purely out of self interrest and what they had in their portfolio. They forced banks to take money that didn't need or want it, and now are preventing them from giving it back.

    It was all sold as a money making venture and the taxpayers would be the winner, now as the money trickles back in the jackals in Congress are planning on new ways to spend it.

    2010 will be interresting, as I can't imagine this fiscal irresponsible spending, printing money and thereby destroying wealth yet to be created will go what all the TEA parties are about (those parties the mainstream media isn't covering)
  5. There's a couple of US bailout trackers online, The Daily Bail has a collection.

    I must say it is heartening to see Bush's generous giving to concerns of interest Goldman Sachs has not been subject to Barry's sweepingly radical "Change Agenda".

    Such shows of bipartisan solidarity only seem to occur when the trough being filled has such influential snouts thrust in it.
  6. IMO, those bankers are guilty of treason and should get the sentence they so richly deserve, instead of being rewarded! For them, I might make exception to being anti-death sentence

    Obama has been a big disappointment in this area, though I've no doubt the septics would have done the same. Just proves who really runs the world.