Nobody else hear the explosion/thunder last night!?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ExplosiveKiwi, Dec 17, 2011.

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  1. Got mates from Glasgow, through York and Liverpool, all the way to Portsmouth who heard it at the same time, about 01:52. Was extremely loud, sounded like thunder of sorts and lasted a good 20 seconds.

    Genuinely freaked us all out, and judging by the number of facebook statuses people made about it, it wasn't just in our imagination.
  2. Sorry. I get terrible wind when I eat cabbage......
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  3. Airborne sounds from clandestine fracking in Lancashire ?
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  4. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    Did hear something odd in the distance at around the time you mention.
    Just put it down to another friday night bash in Handsworth.
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  5. Heard it on the Pennines East of Manchester, I thought that Thunder and Snow was an odd combination
  6. Was it that strange Delta winged plane from Warton again ;)
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  7. Mrs S heard this too, in the Swindon area (I was crashed out with my hearing aid removed).

    Apparently the Geminid meteor shower is still going... could it be an extra large one causing a shock wave as it entered the lower atmosphere?
  8. may help to read reports of anomalous sounds across the world, the Barisal Guns are a famous example.
  9. a bolide entering the atmosphere is a favourite explanation... but meteors are too small, the size of a pea, I would have thought.
  10. I thought it was Jamie Oliver sticking his tongue out, apparently
  11. Well, some of them reach the ground as meteorites, so can't have been that small...
  12. yes but I think it would have to enter at a shallow angle to be heard along that length of track, glasgow to portsmouth, also would there have been likely to have been a time delay from one end to the other... ie they would not have heard it at the same time ?
  13. No idea whether or not I heard anything but, unusually for me, I was wide awake at 0200 and could not get back to sleep.
  14. Dunno... Orbital speed is about 25k mph, isn't it? so at that rate, Glasgow to London (about 400 miles) would take... about 1.5 minutes? And I guess the relative speed will have been a lot higher than that. I reckon it might well all have happened between 1:52 and 1:53.

    All guesswork on my part, I'm not an astronomer, nor a mathematician.

    Edit: No, bollocks, not 1.5 minutes, more like 4.
  15. Gentlemen, I've found the culprit...

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