Nobody does money like New Labour.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Apr 25, 2009.

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  1. Here's an excellent piece from the usually 'New Labour right or wrong' Guardian, in full for those on dodgy connections or who cannot stand looking at the Guardian.

    With this the end is nigh
  2. Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!

    Give the man a job at The Daily Telegraph and get him a safe (about 630 of them coming up shortly) Tory seat.

    Sadly, the only slight inaccuracy is the allusion to Basil Fawlty - he was funny. This unprincipled gang of free-loading, expense fiddling, intellectually bankrupt oafs is not funny at all - they are sad and dangerous, very dangerous.

    Many thanks for the post 'armchair' - have a gold star and go to the top of the class.
  3. I'm sure She 'Marina Hyde', is doing a better job of destroying the myth that labour have a clue if she continues to writing for the Guardian.

    And safe seats given to those who please the leadership and not the people they are suppose to represent and that is regardless of party are one of the roots of why politics has sunk to even great depth of the sewer.
  4. My only thought here is:


    She is absolutely spot on, but stand by Ashie coming on line to inform us that Lord Ashcroft has been placing 'sleepers' in the Guardian's ranks for years now, pretending to be solid 'New' Labour journos, spouting the usual claptrap, before being activated in the lead up to the next election. Either that, or she is a traitor to the party.

    The allusion to Mandelson being like a fifth former trying to appear worldly is so absolutely spot on. The whole of this alleged 'government' is made up of schoolboy socialists or student union radicals whose capacity is best suited to calling for resolutions to ban Israeli academics, holding 'rag week against racism' concerts and going on marches to support the sisterhood in Somalia.

    They are out of their depth to an astonishing degree - no wonder they cling to issues like their own personal remuneration, it is something tangible that they can understand. It is the same thing with our elders and betters - you can push through the most remarkable changes in policy with little more than a nod, but try to get through a change to number 2 dress, and everyone has an opinion!
  5. Indeed the worm is turning at the Guardian, the old guard trots who have turned a once great news paper into an extension of New Labour spin machine are on the way out.

    Here bloody here!
  6. IF you chisel your way through the 2009 Budget Red book, as many bean counters and analysts are still doing because the "detail" is in many respects still missing, you come to an astonishing fact.

    Despite the hair shirt spoutings and a stupid. petty 50% tax rate (not to forget denying those same people tax relief for their own pension contributions AND treating any employers pensions contributions as a taxable benefit in kind) it comes down to this:

    In 2009/10 Public Spending will INCREASE BY 5.5%. All this is paid for by yet more borrowing and the mythical "efficiency savings" only kick in starting from 2010/11.

    Continuing to dig whilst UK PLC is already in a deep hole for nothing more than short term political gain shows how simply amoral and purely selfish this lot are and have always been.

    The only glimmer of short term hope is that on 4 June 2009 Labour will do so badly in the EU MP and local elections that Brown will have to resign and that should trigger a General Election, although of course always the danger that Ed Ballsup or worse still Harridan Harperson gets shooed in.
  7. If that awful woman Harperson becomes PM of Great Britain then I'll retire to my study with a bottle of whiskey and a revolver. I'd like to think it could never happen, but under new labour nothings impossible 8O
  8. An excellent article. How it must stick in the throat of ********* like Ashie and his fellow apologists that this succinct and accurate piece comes from the Tofu munching Grauniad.
  9. Can someone tell me why the Tories have not tried to pass a vote of no confidence?....
  10. The Guardian article confirms it, thats there has been a sea-change in politics. Recently I have noticed news outlets being much more critical of the government. You only have to watch Question time to see what a slagging the Labour reps gets. Its building all the time, definately a change from the media fawning over Blair. Great article, that goes right to the heart of Labour.
  11. Because the Labour Party is going the way of the old Liberal Party... into extinction and that is a very good thing.

    A few more months of Brown and the socalist curse will be well on the way to being purged.
  12. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    this 50% tax thing is illusory in any case - it's only going to create a tiny part of the income needed to repay this money.
    plus anyone actually making that much (and I know a few) will just either move, offshore their financial affairs or get their accountant to fudge the books in their favour.
    typical new liarbour bulls**t. kneejerk and badly thought out, and based on the politics of envy. I notice they've set the level that will leave their basic salary as MP's untouched by it.
  13. Because they would need a mojority in Parliament. Even unhappy Labour MPs aren't going to vote themselves out of a job with a year of salary to go (£190K +). Would Turkeys vote for Christmas?
  14. The Finance Act (Budget) is a confidence vote, if it fails to get passed it is an automatic confidence motion in the govenment.
  15. Does that mean a vote of no confidence will be launched automatically? This isn't a wind-up question, since I'm not really au fait with the procedures in UK gobment.