Nobel prize in biology awaits mr.Bush

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Oct 18, 2007.

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    Highly esteemed mr.Bush has made fundamental investigations in structure of Russian DNA.
  2. I am no lover of the shaved chimp, but I have to say that I actually agree with him here :eek: (assuming he meant that Russians have an apparent preference for strong centralised authority)

    I've never been east of Poland, but do you disagree with this assumption Sergey? 8O
  3. OK, so by saying that he comes across as a bit of a fool (making comments about genetic structure... Been talking to Watson?).

    However, what he was saying isn't wrong - Russians (you've said so yourself on here Sergey) prefer a strong centralised government.
  4. I strongly suspect that this great invention was actually made not by mr.Bush himself. Rather he was told about it. And who have hinted mr.Bush? May be even mr.Putin.

    Indeed centuries long Russian history shows that Russia was mighty and successfull in periods then it had a strong centralised power. Weaking of central power always led to instability and crisises.

    What is it exactly - DNA, historical memory, mentality or Russian soul? Who knows?
  5. Learned mr.Bush is an expert in Roman literature. Likely mr.Bush read the same book as mr.Krapic.

  6. I would be very surprised, the only way I would figure this man winning a nobel prize in biology would be by donating his body to science! :)
  7. He knows how to handle a chainsaw though. He uses it for gardening.