He was probably just upset that he couldn't stay in the prison and play pool and stuff at the tax payers expense.

Why join the army when you can commit a crime and live in a holiday camp for a couple of years.

Is it just me or is the country that I am proud to be a part of is turning to a bpile of arrse right in front of my eyes.


OK here goes -on the count of three everbody sue for having a sweaty office 1, 2,.........
Who's idea was it to give prisoners any rights anyway? This country (and Europe as a whole) is getting all f@cked up.

You do the crime you should lose the right to be treated in a way that society would deem to be appropriate because you have decided by breaking the law that you do not wish to operate within the bounds of normal society.

Got a bit sweaty, chained like an animal, he should feel lucky that we don't make him eat what only his body can provide (him feeling mighty I go for the last of my bodily waste for some time or heave a limb off to sate this desire to eat). If we took a more ruthless approach to crime (instead of treating the crims as if they were victims), then perhaps our prison population would deline, our taxes might fall and the world might be a better place........ anyway back to reality
Bow_Man raises falid points however, he has forgot to mention the biggest sponge to our once great Empire.

Fu@king illegal imagrants. In the UK I lived on a farm and on a recent return to blighty found it to employing illegals. At first I balmed them for coming and taking all the work and claiming benfits (ASDA isn't a place where Brits shop anymore due to it being the only place in Town that immigrants can redeem their vouchers) and costing the goverment a foprtune.

But after one too many Batemans XXX in me local I came to the conclusion that maybe it isn't there fault. If the Britsh populaition actually wanted to work they would dpo and stop claiming doll. Because if they did this there would not as many jobs for immigrants to take and eventually they might fook off back to what ever corner of the planet they came from. It is the Britsh public who claim doll form the government that can work but won't that are messing up a once glourios country.

Message for the government. Close the country off too any more immigration and sought the problems at home before allowing any body else in.
I saw a great response to a letter in a newspaper yesterday. Some Bleeding Heart liberal (BHL) complained about being called a BHL. There followed a response from someone else saying that BHL's were called BHL's because they think with their bleeding hearts and not with logic or common sense. Sadly, this country is infested with them. They are in the Labour Party, central Government/civil service, the BBC, Local Government, education, welfare, social services, immigration, and anywhere else you care to look. The only thing that they have in common is that mind-control rag the Guardian. It seems to qualify as BHL you must lack the intellect to formulate opinions of your own and so take all of your thoughts, desire, opinions, and indded guidance in life from this left-wing arrse rag. Destroy the Guardian and the world will once again see sense.

Criminals: Lock them up and treat them like the scum they are! If you want to live outside the norms of society you should expect to be treated with the contempt you show others and their property. The misery you inflict on others shoudl be inflicted on you.

Immigrants: yes, we'll have you but only if you can support yourself or have something to offer this country. If all you want to do is scrounge from the dole/NHS/welfare/education then fcuk off!

Education: Teach our kids the "3r's", the history of this country, about Christianity, our established religion, literature, art, music, and responsibility. Take the PC shite and shove it up your's no fcking use to anyone!

Human Rights Act: Fcuk it! It's a charter for the scum of the earth to take the rest of us for all we have. Why do the BHL's love it so much? Because they don't have to suffer the consequences of it living in their Hampstead homes when it creates havoc on the run-down estates and rural areas. That and the fact that most BHL's are either in the meeeeeeedia or law and so benefit from it anyway.
Immigration? Complex issue, but count yourself lucky that you're not Dutch or Belgian
Even without the hordes of immigrants I count myself lucky I am not Dutch or Belgian

Mr Happy

Hmmmm, I don’t suppose anyone is interested in knowing why immigration is good?

Didn’t think so. But anyway,

Due, mostly, to the baby boom Currently the UK workforce of (pretend) 30 million is supporting (pretend) 20 million pensioners (and 10 million unemployed or unemployable (cos they’re still at school etc).

In 30 years time the bulk of that 30 million will be pensioners as will around 15 million of the current 20 million (on account that old folk can live longer now that they’ve got heating and food and the NHS and stuff) – ergo, call it 40 million pensions, or an increase of 100% by the time that we’re retiring.

You lot are currently churning out 1.4 million babies per family meaning that there will be a decrease of working people paying money into the pension pot from 30 million down to the low 20’s.

So for every 10p you pay now, you’re kids are gonna have to pay 25p

Basically, you and I are going to have nobody to pay our pensions. The correct answer to that is immigration.

To be honest, few economic migrants come for the free house (despite what the Sun says) – they come for the opportunities to work, “earning sod all in the iron mine in Turkey Abdul, come and sell doners outside Shades nightclub instead. You’ll see fck all of your family for 20 years but you’ll earn enough to retire home with”. This is only an example but rather than believe what you read in a tabloid take a long look around you. How many immigrants do you know who are longterm unemployed (and for that matter how many do you know).

If you want my opinion (face it, it’s coming) the true source of your dissatisfaction should be at (A) the people that live in the UK but do fck all on pikey council estates (B) the levels and culture of crime (for every car stereo nicked for drug money, some cnt is buying it so next time someone offers you something cheap down the pub - kick him in the nuts) and (C) the governments that have been spending all your 10.4% NI contributions on something other than what you’ll retire on.

If it’s any good though, mainland europe is well fcked for eactly the same reasons, France particularly (hah) and Germany too.

On the plus side, houses prices will fall, school classes smaller, hospital waiting lists shorter and they’ll be less estate agents.
You lot are currently churning out 1.4 million babies per family
Bloody hell!!!! I think I a bit behind the curve on this one. Oy, Mrs O, get yerself sorted, we've got to keep up with the national average. Hope you like shi**y nappies. 8O

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