Nob Brown-mis-spelled dead Soldiers name in letter to family

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by mark3536, Nov 9, 2009.

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  1. Not to defend the man but I suppose some of the problem is that he supposedly has very much impaired vision. Some allowance should be made for that.

    Mrs. Janes suggests that he should have typed the letter or has someone check it. Such letters should never be typed but given his vision problem he clearly should have someone on his staff proofread the letters. As to his handwriting, I have seen letters written by President Kennedy and have a book autographed by him and his writing was worse.

    It must be awful for anyone to write these letters. A friend who is quite senior in the US Army told me he found it the most draining part of his job.
  2. I agree to write these letters must be hard but that comes with the job, secondly there is no excuse for handwriting like that. As for his vision- thats not an excuse, he still as one decent eye. In-fact if i had the chance i would poke the fcuker out with my spoon racing, rancid and covered in Corn beef gash from my webbing!!
  3. I'm fed up of Broons excuses about his eye… FFS, I've only got one eye and can drive, write reasonably clearly and spell, 3 things that Broon can't do.

    His letter looked like it was written by a retarded mong with a crayon held in his feet. One things for sure, he's not Officer material as he couldn't even pass the Joined Up Writing Test.
  4. Perhaps Brown ought to take a lesson from Napoleon. He had all his dispatches checked by a rather incompetant lieutenant. Napoleons reasoning was that if he could understand it, any one could. There are some things where a c0ck up just isn't an option.
  5. They are the first to complain about this. Either this is the first mistake or others are less petty about it. Either way, there are some trivial people posting here with their trite political nonsense.
  6. Every day we see that this fool is not fit to clean the shitters in Shot
  7. Type into Word. Spell check it. Copy it verbatim. And use a reference guide as to "how" to write it.

    The "Word" and spell checking can be done by a staffer, the copy can then be done by the PM.

  8. I spent 2 years in my last posting preparing these letters for my GOC's signature. The research and care taken over these was exhausting. After I had completed a letter it went to two different SO2s for proof reading before it even hit the GOC's desk. It was unthinkable for there to be the slightest error or ambiguity.

    Yes, they are very hard letters to write and I found them emotionally draining, but I considered it an honour to write them.
  9. At least he had the decency to write it in his own hand. Not surprised in the least the bus in still on the road though. ARRSE will soon need to hire a train for the hand wringers.
  10. Hah! Oi larrfed at this!
    So, that's anyone who works for Brown then, he's spoilt for choice... :D

    Good that he wrote it himself, but shame about the lack of checks.
  11. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    He has got one eye AND a degenerative disease of the other I think, this makes his eyesight very poor. I think all his papers have to be printed in very large type.

    I am getting to the point where I am getting fed up of the trivial nonsense obscuring the real issues, don't we have more things to worry about.

    I am no fan of the man at all but I think he has a lot on his plate so a mistake like this, whilst difficult to swallow for the bereaved, should be put into perspective
  12. It's not the fact that the letter looks like he's written it after his hands were involved in an industrial accident.

    It's not the fact that he has trouble spelling relatively simple words.

    It's that the fuck1ng moronic, shambling cyclopean c*nt spelt this womans name wrong, how much of a heartfelt gesture must have seemed.
  13. Yes it's terrible isn't it? How on earth can the UK carry on after this? I think there will be many suicides today.
  14. Well, I'm losing the will to live.
    Bit of a non story.
    It's very sad that she is upset by the letter but she should see it for what it is, a personal letter from the Prime Minister. Say what you want about Gordon Brown, he might be disrespectful of the armed forces generally but I don't think he's a rude man in situations like this.