No2s Shirt for WOs

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Unknown_Callsign, Jul 24, 2009.

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  1. Just been and asked my clothing storeman to order me a WO's No2's Dress shirt for me only to be told that I have to pay for them, and the tie!. Is this right or is he just trying to F*** me off.

  2. He is talking arrse....No 2 shirts are now all ranks. As for the tie, not sure
  3. Mate, If the army wants you to wear it for work, the army pays - simple.
    Mind you, this attitude did considerably shorten the length of one of my postings :)
  4. i was told that a WO1 can wear the officer style 2's shirt and tie but has to pay for it as the officers do (but the officers get the grant..!!)

    WO2 wears the normal 2's shirt and tie
  5. the new uniform is all issued, spk to your RQ
  6. That was the score when I was in. I have a couple of sweat staind shirts going cheap :wink:
  7. This of course depends on your Corps/Regiments Dress policy.

    In some Corps WO2,s may wear the officer pattern shirt and tie in No2 dress, the shirt is available through your stores, the tie however is not.

    The tie is part of the the service dress that Officer's and WO1's must purchase. There is a new pattern tie that is more expensive than the older version, but it is very nice.

    I have searched JSP 768 and the tie has eluded me.

    Hope this helps
  8. Not any more - one pattern shirt and tie for all from now on (see uniform on right)

  9. What is that uniform on the right? Its a funny colour.
  10. Future Army Dress
  11. Current, QM's are currently rolling this shit out!!
  12. Well it looks smarter than the old No.2 Uniform if not as well tailored as Officer Pattern Service Dress.
  13. :) Just a shame they didn't keep the old colour!!
  14. What an unfortunate TLA.

    So, is this dress for all ranks, inc Officers?

  15. Yes.