No2's / FAD whats happening with this?

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Tard, Aug 1, 2012.

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  1. Any one know when will the new FAD suits be getting issued to units? My 2's no longer fit, due to losing a shed load of weight. The clothing store at my unit says I cant get a replacement set of 2's as they have stopped producing them, and I wont be getting a replacement of anything until the FAD suits start getting issued, some time in the next few years (maybe?).

    And as is the way of the stores system, I can't hand my 2's suit in that doesn't fit to our clothing store, as they have the spurious belief that I may need it. So I have this massive ill fitting itchy suit taking up space in my locker that could be better used for hanging other stuff, like things that actually fit me.
  2. No2 dress is issued. Are you regular or an army reservist?
  3. You could always get the storeman to ask the Regt'l tailor to sort them out.
  4. I'm a regular, and the tailors had a look at mine, theres nowt they can do with them.

    The top button hole on the jacket closure can be brought across and buttoned up to the right breast pocket button. The only uncomfortable thing is the collar feels a bit odd when i put it on like that. Its a side result of losing so much weight.
  5. I got issued mine yesterday only problem is that the trousers look like they belong to a clown suit, big enough in the thigh to get 2 legs in. The tailor at my unit is disgusted at the way they have been made and can't do much to make them fit but is going to try.

    One of the blokes in front of me is 6ft 3 they found a jkt that fitted perfect but the trousers that came with them could have got 3 people in them.

    I tried 2 pairs of Bks dress trousers on both the same size, 1 fitter perfectly the other was to big in the thighs. Go figure.
  6. Not any more only FAD is issued if your old 2's are no good you have to now wait for FAD.

    And just to confuse FAD is now meant to be referred to as Number 2's
  7. Are you FIDF? FAD has been on the street for a significant length of time and is been available to every single Capbadge (including the Gibralter Regt) if required. Therefore, I think you are:

    A fishing


    B a f*ckwit


    C a perennial fat b*stard who has been on remedial, lost some weight but everyone knows that once you stop turning up for fatty PT you will revert to type and be filling your ginger drinking suit in no time at all.

    I could be wrong on all counts though ^~
  8. I don't think that some people/units realise the gravity to the F*** UP that was FAD, now No2s. There are lots of units without and have been told, "Don't hold your breath for it."
  9. Correct FAD is No2 Dress uniform, just like MTP is No8 ( cbt dress) uniform, it isn't that hard really or are we meant to number each new evolution differently?

    Lion cloth No1
    Chain Mail No2
    Red Coat No3
    Battle Dress No 158
    MTP No ...

    You get the picture ^~
  10. And like I said, if you need it, can justify the need, you will get it :)
  11. No was not getting at what you said was just pointing out that FAD is now called 2's

    As for it being available I have been waiting 2 years with out a serviceable set of 2's. And yes they did fit however my shirts ware not wearable.
    My unit got told we would have to wait for it. I was not the only one in this boat lots of people I know don't have 2's at the moment.
  12. OP - don't hold your breath, your current No2s are probably a better fit and almost certainly a better quality than FAD ( it creases if the temperature changes).

    Mine's been in the loft for almost 3 years and that's where I intend it will stay - if you want a decent set you will have to get a tailor to start from scratch using a decent quality cloth. I presume it is high maintainance ( I've never bothered getting it prepared properly), so i presume that once you have it, you'll have hours of fun getting it presentable, only for it to look like shite as soon as you move.

    As other posters have noted, the trousers look like something from a 1980s music video.
  13. You can have mine if you want, never been worn...............;-)
  14. No thanks was bad enough getting a set yesterday, still can't see when I will get to wear it. Only had my old set on once in the last 5 years.
  15. Try doing the crease test - we had hours of fun seeing how much like cellephane it was ........ then jammed in back into the plastic bag and into the loft until discharge !

    Having said that, it has brought back the more sensible option of barracks dress for many, I'm just interested to know what the maintainance is like for day to day wear.