No2 Dress regs.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Stockton96, Jun 26, 2006.

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  1. I have My interview for Cadet Staff Sergeant on Thursday and I am going to take the opputunity to dust of my Number two's and were them for the one time this year. The problem is i don't know what belt to wear with them. Its a choice between my Green 95 one or my White One with brass belt clips. Is there a set rule for what belt you have to wear with Number two's.

    Any help would be great.

  2. Have the told you to wear it? If not, wear your normal ISSUED training dress having taken an iron to it and a brush or two to your boots and beret.
  3. Was supposed to say a set rule not ser tule. Thanks for the info' g30ps.

    My OC and 2ic have both told me to wear them.

    Also should i go with beret or Number Two's Cap ?
  4. Forage (No2 dress) always looks smarter with No2 Dress
    use a smidgen of pledge on the peak and chin strap buff wih a pair of rolled up nylons and de fluff your at with yur polish taking off brush. the circuar effect is very popuar with ACF units. (well it was in liverpool anyway

    I'd go with the white belt sets it off nicely

    Also check this out

    and good luck yoo de man
  5. I don't understand mate.
  6. The cap was always my first choice, but i am just trying to get a feel for what people tend to think looks good.

    Thanks for the good luck Butler.
  7. No2 Dress - forage cap - green belt.

    Whites are for ceremonial only and certain other events.

    Ops' advice is sound - listen to him.
  8. can't argue with that
  9. Guess i am going for Green belt and Cap then.

    Cheers for the guidence lads much appreciated.
  10. I reckon White Belt mate, as was said before, its the ACF and no-one will check dress regs, and it'll make you look smarter.
  11. ahem No 2 dress hat ??? I thought the forage was known as the No 1 dress hat ?!?

    Oh green belt with No 2's ? I have only ever worn a green belt with no 2's, that was because we had a parade coming up, the white ones weren't ready and we needed to carry bayonet frogs

    When ever we wore no2.s it was either white (if ceremonial), or none but always with hat, except when they stopped issuing them to sprogs

    Come to think of it I once wore the cloth belt, not sure why, we all had them, think thy couldn't get their hands on whites, when we all wore them it looked quite smart actually