Im taking the jump this summer and marrying my split arse, I know the old and bold out there are all crying 'dont do it its not worth the money she'll screw you over as they are all snakes with tits'. But fear not as I am getting a pre nup, seen too many of my muckers get f**ked over with their divorces. Anyway I am after a set of No1's can anyone give some advice on best place to go? I am of the scaley lizard breed (R.Sigs) and I have heard horror stories of getting them from Blandford.
Scaley, PM inbound!

Dear Scaley,
I do not think that a pre - nup is valid in this country. It's all for 'better or worse'. (better fro her, worse for you).

On a positive note I wish you all the best. If you get the right person it must be like heaven. It is (almost) for me but it took three goes.

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