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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bits, Oct 6, 2005.

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  1. Port (left) side door

  2. Starboard (right) side door

  1. Right, my brain is starting to hurt. Somebody help me out.

    I'm looking at No1_Port_Side's avatar, and I'm confused because his signature says 'Yes I know it's starboard side'. But looking out the door I can't see the underside of the wing, so I must be looking backwards towards the rear of the aircraft. I also can't see the PJI's fat arrse in his gay nylon jump suit, so the PJI must be hiding behind the man stood in the door. No1 also has his left foot forward and the PEL in front of his right leg. And all of this leads me to believe he is, in fact, about to leap from the ..... port side door.

    Or am I being gay and getting my port and starboard mixed up?
  2. Think you have to much time on your hands :D
  3. Possibly, despite the fact I'm hiding in my room and trying to avoid an argument out there in the real world.

    But I still want an answer.....
  4. Bits,

    From your deductions above, and this web link, I would have to agree with you.... he IS about to lob himself out of the Port Side of above-mentioned aircraft ;)

    May I be presumptious and suggest that perhaps he has had one too many landings on his head :D

  5. Ah, the link. That might explain my port/starboard confusion. There is both a red and a green light by the door on both sides of the aircraft. Maybe this is some witty loadie's way of confusing some halfway educated pongos.

    Right, poll added. Which is it, port or starboard?
  6. He is at the port side door of that aircraft , you are correct .
  7. May be he is Irish?
  8. Or maybe an Italian "Cee" 130 flying backwards away from combat :lol:
  9. Where's the who fcukin cares option in the poll?? :?: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. I've always thought 'No. 1 Port exit' but could never be arssed to think about it too much ...
  11. anyone ever got a lob-on in the door ? is it right the blokes would have a whip-round for you ?
  12. Its been so long I cant remember which side is which! and theres not a joe crow just qualified about to get the correct side from.
  13. This is the way I remember it:

    Left is a four letter word ending in T, as is Port & the colour of the drink Port is red, as is the light.
  14. Dozybint wrote:
    Left is a four letter word ending in T, as is Port & the colour of the drink Port is red, as is the light.

    At what time of the night does the port turn green?

    What colour are the lights on the other side?
  15. Assuming that the photograph has not been translated and is therefore in the correct orientation and that this is a normal crab fat albert with crab PJIs:

    1. The jumpers are all forward of the door when about to jump.
    2. The door is on the jumper's left side.
    3. It has to be the starboard door.

    The wings are fairly high up and the angle of the picture is acute enough that the fuel tank is not visible (just).