Discussion in 'Aviation' started by northern_one, Aug 15, 2007.

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  1. Sorry to clog up the forum but was wondering,

    How I can get hold of No1 dress for my wedding? And what sort of time scale would be advisable to do so taking inot account fittings etc.

    All help much appreciated
  2. if you want to buy it, you can get it from silvermans. they don't do tailoring though, just provide the basic trousers & jacket with red piping.
  3. call them QM's at wallop and ask if they have any you can sign out. otherwise rent a set!
  4. They probably have and unless you are a very odd shape they will probably have your size. All the No 1s from the public duties sqn went back to QMs at Wallop
  5. try the clothing store(QMs Dept) at your own Regiment, i got a set of 1s in about 2 weeks for a wedding
  6. Not sure about other capbadges but the REME tailor at Arborfield has a large selection which he will then tailor to fit and it costs you about 25 quid for the week.

    Well, it was 7 years ago when I got hitched anyway, price has probably gone up since then
  7. Dont bother with the QM's in Wallop. Even though they are sitting on over a hundred sets of various sizes I heard recently that a certain WO2 down there is only doing favours for the boys and is very selective on who he allows to use them.
    Nothing like looking after your own Corps!
  8. Just say you are from Buck House and they are for Prince Charles :roll:
  9. Hi mate

    I used:

    Michael Jay tailors in Stowmarket.... (near Wattisham).

    About £550 but very good and tailored from scratch.

    They also do an interest free payment over about 5 months I think so it was actually very reasonable.