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No1 Dress

Soldier's or Officer's?
Wanted a No1 Dress any ideas where i can get one?
If its any help they don't sell them at the Shell Service station on the M6 (Knutsford)

I will continue to post places that don't have them in stock if that helps narrow the field down ;D
Or Threshers...didn't see any there either (though I did see MDN and Gunny drinking their cans of Tennants Super Stregth and smelling strongly of wee in the doorway).  ;D
They dont sell them at  carpetworld either
What about Ikea?
I asked the supervisor at comet to look behind the staffroom lockers, alas there was no mess dress there either. ;D

Im sure through vigilance and a keen nose we will eventually find some for you, until then we will just have to narrow the field down.
Checked in the old anderson shelter at my grannies, I was convinced there may be one there, but my eager searching and want to help soon crumbled into disapointment when all I found was some slugs and a rusty old tin opener. ;D

When I phoned directory enquiries yesterday I asked the operator if she had a set at her house and she just replied 01980 674272
Checked Wooperts room.  No No1 dress, but a large pile of magazines with titles such as 'Pumped Up Sweaty Men' and 'Young Boys In Shorts Weekly'.

Have you tried B&Q ?
thought there might be 1 in the 4X tap at the white lion, but nothing but beer
I've checked in my bergan - none there.  I did find a long forgotten boil-in-the-bag corned beef hash though.  yum!
Felt a positive vibe run through me as I checked inside my old flask, but alas it was empty...........

We are definatley narrowing the options down though ;D
checked my arse but only some brown pooey stuff
are u KRH by any chance i could make you a beret  ;D
Checked the toilet bowl after a particularly strong curry, appeared to be the remnants of a passing flock of seaguls but alas no No1's. Plenty of No 2's though!!
checking a case of boddies 6 cans down no luck in finding any no1s yet but i will need one soon  ;D
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