no1 dress


im looking to get my hands on a set of no1 dress for my best friends wedding. he wants to wear no1's. we have the oc permission, but the clothing store (where we are based at a TA barracks) has quoted £250 to 'borrow' and get them tailored to fit.
is there anywhere we can hire the dress and return for less that will tailor to fit?
Damn! I thought it meant "no one dress". Sounded like my kinda party!! :(


What regt? And where are you?


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166biatch said:
am in the rlc t.a.
i live in midlands, but can travel

Get your QM to speak to the QM at Blackdown and ask about the OP Bridges stocks. When I left my last job the guidance given is that these pools were to be used.

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