No1 dress with lanyard?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Old_Gregg, Feb 25, 2013.

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  1. Sorry to bother everyone

    Is our lanyard worn in number 1 dress? Ive just spent 30 minutes googling and searching on here for the answer and am about ready to hurl my laptop under a bus. Ive seen pictures with and without lanyards in no1 dress and want to get it right.

  2. Most regiments dont wear lanyards with no1 dress. Can you find any pictures of intelligence corps soldiers in no1 dress on google?

    The dress regs may be on army net but I heard they are too embarresing to be made public.
  3. Yes, As far as I know the Lanyard is worn with No 1 dress. At least I wore it on the one occasion I wore No 1s . Check my wedding pics for details.

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  4. Lanyards should not be worn in No1 Dress. Nor should they be worn in any order of dress because they are a Shit. And chippy.
  5. Haven't you people from the Second Foot Guards got some boots to bull, rather than coming in here and bothering the grownups?
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  6. It was several years ago, so excuse the fuzzy memory... I thought I wore lanyard, but looking at the wedding phots, I don't seem to be wearing one. I did a bit of research at the time, so perhaps one doesn't wear it because we have green piping on No.1s or something?

    No idea either way now. but I think I even called the CRSM to check on 1s dress regs, and I don't recall being undecided about whether to wear lanyard or anything.

    on the other hand, I don't have a single pic which shows my shoulder clearly enough to be absolutely certain. so I might have been wearing one after all.

    So in short - **** knows :)
  7. I swear this is a concerted campaign by mongtards to wind me up, you don't wear a lanyard with No 1 dress. The trick with dress regs is to read them, they're on DII. Whilst the dress regs tell you what to wear, they don't tell you what not to wear (i.e. lanyard). A feather behind your capbadge isn't mentioned in No 1 dress regs, but that doesn't mean you should wear one of those either. Given the senior nature of some of those already posted, you should hang your heads in shame gentlemen. I'm still waiting for CR to tell me where it's written a CO can go against dress regs...
  8. As mongtard-in-chief you should know that the CO can do whatever he fancies: dress regs are more of a guideline than actual law, judging by the state of most of them!

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  9. so sorry, I didn't realise you expected a response. why don't you give CO 2 a buzz and ask him? pretty sure his RSM or one of his officers would have politely pointed it out, if he wasn't permitted to "go against dress regs".

    as for this rather patronising jibe:

    please clarify whether you intended this to include me?
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  10. OK thanks. In my own defence finding what you're actually looking for on DII is like finding QMs staff past 1500, impossible.
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  11. **** me, in my day (gives lamp a gentle nudge) dress and bearing, discipline and so on was the preserve of the RSM (CSM in a company, obviously) - they were the keepers of the knowledge. they were the ones who would say, quietly, "Sir, you can't do that ...".
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  12. of course it wasn't, because I said senior nature. ;)