No1 Dress uniform

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by BennyBlanco, Dec 8, 2006.

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  1. How does one go about gettin hold/borrowing/hiring No1 dress i right in thinkin there is a place in Chatham??!!

  2. Try your QM first...then either Medway Medals(dunno know how much they are mind or if it's still there!!) Or QM's at Brompton......Deffo medway for all your badges,lanyard,gloves and belt. :)

    you'll need to go down there and try some on...loads of weird and wonderful sizes :lol:
  3. Medway medals do them but you need to have a fitting and give quite a bit of notice you can also try the tailors in brompton last i heard they had some.
  4. The bedding storeman in Brompton (eh?) certainly did them in 03.
  5. I got mine from Q stores at Brompton.... for my ill fated wedding.

    If i'd known what was coming I would of turned them into a civilian jacket and trousers, dug a tunnel complete mit lighting and air, and made a break for Switzerland... not forgetting not to say "Thank you" to anyone who wished me a safe journey.
  6. ha food for thought!!
  7. Glover and Riding in Queens Avenue, Aldershot.
  8. 3 RSME hold some in stock in the PRI but you need to give plenty of notice. Medway Medals are pretty good. You might even be able to find some on e-bay.
  9. id say medway medals awell......
  10. DONT DO IT MATE your life as you know it will come to an end!! all the shagging like bunnies will be out of the window!! you ever dare to upset her in any way even without realising it will end in torment for you, she will put on weight like a gluttonous hippo, she will wear velour tracksuits and high heels....your pad will be inundated with vulgar harpies in the disguise of other pads wives!!

    If however you are best man then the QM's at Brompton will do em for you, however they are restricted for sizes during the wedding season