No, you cant have daddys ashes compressed into a diamond!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bugsy, Apr 3, 2007.

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  1. Of all things, a daughter wanted to have her dad’s ashes compressed into a diamond so that she could wear it around her neck. Here’s the story:,1518,475419,00.html

    It’s in German, so I’ve knocked up a swift translation for those not sufficiently familiar with the language:

    “Court forbids “diamond funeral”

    The Wiesbaden county court has refused to allow a young woman to have
    the ashes of her deceased father turned into a diamond. While the mother of the deceased wants him interred in the family-grave, the daughter maintains that her father wanted the unusual funeral.

    Wiesbaden – The court today found that the daughter of the deceased, who passed away at the beginning of the year, had not represented her father’s alleged wish in a sufficiently plausible way. In the courtroom, the 19-year-old’s lawyer announced an appeal to the regional court.

    The fast-tracked hearing at the Wiesbaden county court was the result of a family dispute. While the mother of the deceased wanted an interment in the family grave, the daughter wanted to have the ashes of her father compressed into a diamond by a Swiss company and wear it in future on a chain around her neck.

    In fact, the daughter has precedence over the mother in decisions in the context of making provisions for the deceased. However, the onus is on the person responsible for the provisions for the deceased to produce evidence that, in the case of such an “exotic type of funeral, which is not allowed in Germany”, this is commensurate with the final wishes of the deceased.

    The fundamental question of whether it is permissible to transport ashes into Switzerland to be compressed into a diamond was left open by the judges, but they “encouraged the legislators to become active”.
    (Court Ref No: 91 C 1274/07)”

    Whatever will they think of next!

  2. That's actually exactly what I mean, bovs. I'd never heard of it before I read this, so thanks for that link.

    It just seems somehow distasteful to me to have yer rellies swinging about your neck. But maybe that's because I'm old, or whatever.

  3. why would you want to do that?? it be weird 'will you marry me, and wear my dad on your finger' :? 8O
  4. It's a perfectly acceptable practice in Cornwall.
  5. FFS - my sides are splitting - the locals think I've lost me marbles again :D
  6. And I thought it was all a pipe dream thought up by Smirnoff!
  7. Better wearing the ashes than mixing 'em with cocaine and snorting then au Keith Richards.
  8. 2 Questions:

    1. How much are thy worth in a few years?

    2. How big a diamond does a Border Collie make? ;-)
  9. It wouldn't just be the onus.