No wonders there are few new recruits

Local TA centre has a banner up. "Recruiting Now"

Go over on drill night. Lights on and yard full of cars, but gate locked and unmanned.

Press the "intercom" and wait....and wait......and try again....and wait.........

Leave again and try a week later with the same result...........

Name and shame.

Name the town!!!!
Alright Frenchie, didn't see you there, how's trix mate? Got that next one yet?
That is the sort of question usually directed at me polar! ;-)
The Royal Regt of the Deafs and Mutes?

Were you standing outside with flowing robes, a big beard and a funny jacket on? Sorry we were all hiding under the window sills whilst the OC was trying to find the keys to the armoury. Come down next week we'll let you in honest :)
Petekk, (or should I call you stuttering Pete)

If you are joining the first things to learn are loyalty, teamwork and trust. Now you too can be part of the team, trust us, and loyally tell us where it was.

A few pertinent questions:

Was there a cannon? (long tube with wheels).
What colour was the fence?
How loud was the music?
Were you panting into the intercom? And what makes you think the intercom works?
There was a report of someone trying to break into a primary school in Dudley in the evening, are you sure it was a TAC?
Are you a debt collector? Perhaps someone recognised you and everybody panicked.
Were you wearing an orange rosette?
LOL GH, did they have a boat house and what colour was it?


We didn't answer as you were dressed like one of the Three Muskateers. We just can't have the chaps wearing pantaloons and big flouncy feather adorned hats.
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