No wonder the Army is on it's Arrse

Listen to this,

Shortly returning from tour and i have asked the UK unit i am attached to if i can have a ferry ticket to get me back to my parent unit in Germany. I'm out soon and want to take a car over to move kit.

The unit have said no, however they will give me a hire car to get me to Birmingham airport, book me on the trooper flight, then my parent unit will get me a hire car, Rail warrant, or car and a driver to get me home from Hannover which is 4 hours away.

2 X hire car plus fuel and a flight V's 35 quid ferry ticket = Complete waste of tax payers money. Is there anyone i can speak too about this.

P.S. for all you that are going to come back with smarmy comments, please **** off, i'm not in the mood!


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Because to the budget holder it will be cheaper. You need to factor in the Private Millage Claim costs (and I take it the distances will be long). Plus factor in Subs claims (ie flight will have meal built in to the cost thus saving money). The driver and car may be taking some to the airport already so the return trip is no cost. Defence travel is the one area where real savings are being made (pros and cons can be argued but it is millions saved) and they are using corporate buying power to get cheap deals across the whole of defence.

If you still feel the costs are cheaper (Millage claim, ferry ticket, subs (well actuals now)) for you to arrange speak to your Travel Cell. They have an internal complaints procedure, normally via the I/C. I am surprised on the ferry ticket costs, good deal - who's it with?
Thanks mate,

Not going to claim mileage, no food allowance. Just want a one way ferry ticket Dover to Calais with P&O. 35 Quid.

I have explained this to them but they will not have it.
You chose your 18799 post to be 'Whining ****'

I just bet you are a shining example to all of your peers. Sie flachen pathetisch entschuldigung für einen Menschen!!!


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'Principles' and 'That's not the points' aside, why don't you just pay the £35.00 for your convenience?
Due to the fact that i've been doing that for the past 23 years and decided to dig my heels in. How many times have you done it?
'Principles' and 'That's not the points' aside, why don't you just pay the £35.00 for your convenience?
Because it's difficult to get hands in pockets when stamping your feet like a small child.
How ******* dare you compare me to a small child. At least give me the title of big child.
Cheers geordie,

Just worked it out and more than covers the ferry ticket. Thats not really the point of the thread though.


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Having been in for 23 years and not discovered how to screw the system makes you look a bit thick IMHO
This is a bit of a no brained to be fair. If I am right you want to go by ferry so that you can take your car etc. The issue therefore appears to be that because the unit want you to fly (thus no car) you're 'digging your heels in'.

You also mentioned that for the past 23 years you've paid your own way - despite having the right and ability to claim for travel. Well, that's just daft. The budget holder has sorted you a route. The fact that it's not to your liking is neither here nor there.

You want the convenience of taking your car - pay your £35 - get on the ferry and crack on.
How ******* dare you compare me to a small child. At least give me the title of big child.
I quite agree that small child is apt for you. I think you are talking a lot of shit to be honest. The Army has offered you something, but because you don't want it as it is not convenient to your requirements, you come here moaning like some spoilt shit of a kid. Be a ******* man, either accept what the military have offered or pay your own way. Either way, **** off with your shit drivel here.
23 years and can't be arrsed to pay £35? Man up wetpants.

Yours aye,

Dale T, Clerky type person.

(See, we sometimes do give good advice).
Wetpants, like that one. I'll remember that next time i'm climbing off your mum. Yer bog sniffing cnut.

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