No wonder people are in debt!!

Well,I'm off sick at the moment due to an chest & ear infection so due to the antibiotics,I cant drive...So out of boredom,I saw the advert for that ' so thought I'd see their rates ect.
Anyhoo,I just got a call from another company (cashchoice) & I was offered a loan of £200 but wait for it....the interest ALONE is £50 A MONTH!!!

So I'm crap at math's but even I can work out that if I did take it out,I'd have to pay it back at £100 per month over 4 months & even then I'd be paying back DOUBLE the loan amount!

Judging by the amount of calls going on in the background,they are very very busy! Now I'm working at the mo & get paid in just over a weeks time so even tho moneys tight,I'm not that desperate to take an extorsionate loan like that!!

Considering their likely customers are doleys ect,no wonder the country's in the state it's in!!
People are in debt because,they are stupid materialistic feckless twats,who don't see the corelation between spending money you don't have,on items you don't really need,and the fact that the nice man who lent you the money,wants more back than he gave you! :?

It's not imperative to have the latest mobile/ipod/laptop/car/widget,and if it is then they must be really sad people.

It's not rocket science,if you don't have the money"in your hand",then you can't afford it,and all this shite about "something cropping up",use your savings,that's what they're for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol:

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