No Wonder Our Country Is F**ked...

A Mum of seven is being paid £170,000 a year in benefits so she can live in a £1.2million mansion.

Taxpayers hit by the credit crunch fund the swish seven-bedroom home enjoyed free by Afghan migrant Toorpakai Saindi and her family.

And her landlord is raking in rent of more than £12,000 a month from a local council — funded by taxpayers.

Yesterday Saindi, who also gets an estimated £400 a week in child and local tax benefits, said: “It’s a lot of money, but the council pay it. “This is their problem. I don’t know why they pay so much.”

She's not fucking complaining though is she?!

Jammy Bitch
At least she states,

“It’s a lot of money, but the council pay it.

“This is their problem. I don’t know why they pay so much.”

So the problem is with the council and the system not the tennant.
I wonder what a one way trip back home would cost for that mutch the council is paying for rent give her two months worth and she can build a nice home back in the Stan
In July Ms Saindi, who has four sons and three daughters aged eight to 22, approached the council after being made homeless. They had a legal obligation to find her a seven-bedroom home.

WHY is the Council Tax Payer paying for this woman and her children of working age???

Why have they not been trained for the Afghan Army and sent home to fight for their own Country rather than continuously sponging off of our country....

But then it is in London where all the local Councils are happy to waste Tax Payers money and blame everyone else.
Hmmm.... the sensible thing to do for tax payers concerns would be for the council to recognise their long expenditure on this set up and simply buy the property. Within 8 years of paying at the current rent rate they would have paid more than the value of that property into that landlords pockets, and they will have fcuk all to show for it.

Even if the landlord stead fastly refused to sell, there should be an upper limit imposed on the council (say 3 years) for them to act and find alternative accomodation which they can purchase, thus serving some measure of public interest... fat chance of Zanu Labour sanctioning measures like that for local councils though.
I knew a girl, many years ago, who I went to school with. Well, I say went to school with...... she actually got knocked up at 14 and only came back for her exams when she was 16 and had had another sprogg.

I found out a year after school that her and her fella sat at home all day and didn't even bother looking for work as they got far more off the state for doing nothing through various benefits. She was going to meet up with a group of us until I told one of her friends that if she came I was going to rip her a new one for being a sponging b#tch. funnily enough, she didn't show.

I think that this latest story just show that nothing has really changed. While I'm sure there are those who are really in need, there are others who are just cnuts. :x
The real fault is the legislation which requires a council to house homeless people. But why she needs a seven bedroom house is a mystery. Local radio (LBC) said that she has not been here long. I think that it is becoming time for me to join the 'white flight'.

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