No Wonder One May Be Disillusioned About our Professional Politician Masters

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Oct 7, 2012.

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  1. As I have said many times before, we in the US are in the hands of (WARNING-pithy alliteration follows) primarily professional (they have no real job or trade) progressivist politicians of both major parties and these kinds of incidents emphasize the lack of principle of many in both parties:

    South Florida Times: Miami , Broward, Palm Beach, Breaking News & Weather at
  2. Dishonest politicians! Shock. Horror.
    Whatever next?
  3. It seems to be a global problem, professional politicos who's sole aim in life is to gain power and remain in power, rather than to represent the views of the electorate.
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  4. This is horrendous, you pay people to get the vote out and only 150 out of 50,000 applications are possibly fraudulent, that's about 0.3%, and you know most of those are going to be elderly folks on a Green Card who got confused about their lack of voting rights. The ghost of "Boss" Tweed will be spinning in his grave, used to be Americans voted early and often even when dead as used to be the case in my corner of Ireland until producing IDs became routine.

    Not that its a non-problem, in most democracies the mechanics of voting is something central government handles, you get a simple ID for free with no hassel, fraud's a negligible problem. You are always going to get attempts to rig the vote if you leave it to the states. Outright fraud's not actually anywhere near as practical as the traditional Septic scam of suppressing an unfriendly electorate which is how Jim Crow stayed in place and both sides are now flagrantly guilty of.

    Add chronic gerrymandering and vastly expensive attack ad campaigns, a political class that expends most of its energy on appeasing lobbyists in return for funding and you have a system that most advanced democracies would regard as throughly subverted. And the US like practically all democracies that don't make voting compulsory also suffer from lack of voter participation brought on by apathy and an understandable cynicism about the process when it is so abused.

    A detached observer looking at actions rather than words might conclude for all the banging on about freedom the US public and even more so their ruling class are not really that bothered about living in a representative republic as say Libyans.
  5. Thoughtful post as usual. Couple of observations--it is critical to any real understanding of our system that the term and it's political reality "democracy" is wholly inapt to America as it is embodied in the Constitution and was in fact anathema to our founders. I realize even our 2 candidates for president can't seem to make the distinction (and it is much more than mere semantics) between a democracy and a constitutional republic as we have (at least for now).

    Also, while corruption in politics and the professional pols that go with it is nothing new at the local and state levels (Boss Tweed and Huey Long for example), what is new in the last 50 years or so is the advent of such creatures at the federal level, both elected and perhaps even worse, appointed such as the proliferation of "tsars" and the like, none of whom are really accountable to the people at large.
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  7. You kniw, JJH, I think that if you thought more about shooting and dogs, and less about politics, you'd probably be a lot happier.

    They're ALL shitehawks.
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  8. P_F once again you've hit the proverbial nail. The last three words above should be a political slogan!
  9. A bit difficult in the current circumstances but you are right--off I go to burn some powder with my new Springfield Armory X DS .45 and then eliminate some stress with my suppressed UZI. Cheers!
  10. Include my wife and me in that number.
  11. Uhh.........JJH did I misread you or did you just say you agree with your pal...
    ....the one who said the Earth is only about 9,000 years old...
    and was made in 6 days......please tell me I misread all this.
  12. You did not mis-read it. I hope my views do not cause you too much distress or bother. Suffice it to say, yours do not cause me any.