No wonder crime is down

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by theylie, Sep 5, 2013.

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  1. Do you have any thoughts on the matter,any other comments to make?Posting links is fine and easy as we all know,but surely you would like to expand on the topics you mention? or add a personal insight or suggestion?
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  2. Does my username not suggest a line of thought?! Government and police lie!

    Also wish I had the fiscal wherewithal to understand the savings or not of the welfare reforms but I dont.

    I'll go on more later but have to deal with some fvcked up and vulnerable veterans losing benefits and being sanctioned and using food banks.

    But hey ho its 2013 and everything is fine. Nothing to see here. Move on.
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  3. So not an impartial observer then, you have an axe to grind and thought this the best place to do it.
  4. Let me guess, Manchester has a Labour MP
  5. I was in court yesterday and the most telling thing I heard was, "This court is not in the habit of sending people to prison for stealing from shops!" Great, I though, time to dust off son no.1 and get him back out shoplifting.
  6. Really need to go but is this not an inter webby discussion thing or do we just crayon on scrap paper?
    200 odd posts in 2 years isn't a particularly sharp axe!
    Step away from the daily mail!
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  7. Maybe you should stick to helping the veterans and stay away from politics/current affairs?
  8. Ok, I'll bite.

    How does Manchester cops not investigating 60% of REPORTED CRIME mean that "crime is down"? After all, them not investigating every single reported crime does not alter the fact that the number of crimes being reported is down, and it is that number, the number of crimes being reported, which matters irrespective of whether plod gets off 'is 'arris or not.

    Oh, and since "Universal Credit" is still in the "beta test" stage, you best come back in a year or two and tell us how the system is working as by then it should be up and running properly.

    No, you do.
  9. The fact that GMP don't investigate 60% of crime is not evidence of lying. They announced it...
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  10. And it's taken you until 2013 to figure this out? Well done Trigger.

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  11. Very true but it's simply a cynical attempt to get back at a Government who has slashed the police budget..

    But it couldn't have been slashed as they at the time said it was a reimplementation of funds better targeting resources.

    Its not the lies, its the spin they put on it when they say it....
  12. Quite a few posters on here do as well, the never served walt ****s
  13. Hmm.. possibly this is the reason some people don't even bother to report some petty crimes nowadays, just not worth the hassle. Another possible reason why some sources are saying crime rates are down.
  14. So vice-president of the Association of Chief Police Officers, ie: coppers Union winges on TV about funding, maybe if he managed his resources a bit better he may be able to increase the efficiency of his police force.