no win situation

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by DieHard, May 3, 2007.

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  1. Sometimes you just cant do anything right. A couple of days ago i was driving my boss through earls court stuck in traffic when from nowhere this crazed irish traveller(pikey) started smashing up the car now i always keep the doors locked but in his infinite wisdom my boss had unlocked his door which this guy wrenched open therefore forcing me to get out and confront him, after asking him to stop attempting to get into the car and getting him away from it recue arrived with 2 policemen who dragged him tothe floor where i helped hold him tillhe was cuffed. I got back into the car only for my boss to moan why didnt i speed off(gridlock traffic) and then said i endangueared him by gatting out of the car. Next time i will let them drag his arse out . You do your job what your paid to do and when you do you get fuck all in return.
  2. So the bottom line is that you stopped a pikey from filling in your boss. This was obviously a mistake, unless your job description contains the clause "provide close personal protection to senior staff members" which I doubt. You should have sat back and enjoyed the cabaret!
  3. Ungrateful prat. Let him get a pasting next time...
  4. Just tell your boss that you recognised him as the phantom hoop-stretcher of Earls Court, and he fancied a bit of his pasty-white ass.

    Add a few embellishments and you should get a raise!
  5. What the fcuk did he exspect you to do? race up the path hollywood style knocking pedestrians tables chairs ohh nearly forgot cardboard boxes out of the way. I take it that he is a civi ie no specific threat against him.

    Maybe next time he will keep his door locked
  6. So, you got a bollocking for doing something you thought was was the right thing to do, because your boss is a bit of a chopper.

    Welcome to the real world, shit happens.

    But for you to bitch about it on a web site doesn't really show me that you are the type of person that I would like to have looking after me if anything real happened.

    Grow a set, and take it on the chin.

    [and yes, I know I am slagging you off from behind a keyboard, which isn't much better, but I really don't care anymore.]
  7. And you never bitch about your boss do you........

    What a chopper you prove yourself to be!
  8. Dont worry about it, it was an accident.

    It happenes....Ive been in no win situations all the time.

  9. On the plus side you weren't done for assaulting the pikey!!
  10. I have never felt the need to start a whole thread just to point out one time I felt hard done by.

    Maybe if this thread was called "no win situations", then I could understand, as we all like a good moan sometimes, but this just sounds like whinging to me.
  11. Well, we all have to put up with reading your utter tripe, so why not anyone else's?
  12. Reading back it does sound like a whinge , but what i was trying to point out is sometimes you try to do the right thing and no matter what you do nothing goes right