No White Police Officers thank you...Were the Met

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Letterwritingman, May 9, 2005.

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  1. So please explain what I am supposed to think!

    Courtesy of the Telegraph

    Question; why did no one else think this was of some importance?

    After all even Government recognises the need for more Police Officers!!

  2. its a complete farce, but why am I not suprised?
  3. a complete joke
  4. The Sun reported a while back that if you are a batty boy you get priority as well.

    I doooo hope the army does not go this way as well.

    Edited because you can't spell truncheon.

    Shall we wait for the resident Bobbies to comment on how this works before we heap scorn on the MET?

  5. Whats wrong with just selecting from who applies?

    More PC madness

    The RCMP in Canada tried this a short while back, trying to 'diversify' and ended up with a manning problem. Not enough of the "right" applicants. They had to try to encourage members who had recently left to come back as remounts.
  6. For more Info see 'British Army' :wink:
  7. Got to love this

    and the plan to let black policmen join a couple of ranks (or whatever - don't know anything about police career structure) above their white counterparts...

    wtf is the world coming to - just because there doesn't happen to be a black uber senior bod at the moment doesn't mean the plod are racist

    its turning into a complete farce - where the white heterosexual majority are being descriminated against - how does that work - I'm all for equal opportunities, but this is just racism in a different form

  8. Things that hack me off about this as a (gasp) white, male, heterosexual copper:

    1. "The Sins of the Father" Syndrome: In the 70's and 80's there was some pretty shocking racism in The Met. The senior officers of today were fliers then and sat there thinking "wait until I'm in charge..." and go and do something like this. However, today's kids joining The Job grew up in a totally different environment, especially London and the Southeast (before someone quotes that "Secret Policeman" documentary at me, I think that was a pretty Northwestern English thing, as anyone who's actually been to Oldham will tell you). So we are effectively punishing young white kids for the atittude and behaviour of those who went twenty years before.

    2. New Labour Target-itis: We all know how much they love targets. Why an arbitrary figure represents good practice in recruitment is a mystery to me.

    3. What message does this send to white serving officers applying for specialisms and promotion?

    4. Do the Government want a balkanised police service where people identify themselves primarily in cultural/ racial/ gender or sexual preference groups rather than as police? Military types take note.

    5. How many of the ministers, community "experts", Quango-dwellers and other oxygen thieves who come up with these ideas have ever done a days honest coppering on a run-down inncer city estate? None of 'em.

    6. Lastly, how many crusading liberal human rights barristers from Cherie's mob will come riding in to defend these guys trying to join and right this injustice? Exactly.


    The problem with ethnic recruitment is extremely complex, and has as much to do with retention and development and the attitudes of London's communities to their police as it does with bums on seats. This really is like using a sledgehammer where in reality you need a scalpel. Meanwhile, those on The Left who despise the police and want us to be nothing more than the intervention wing of social services will be rubbing their hands together.

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  9. Welcome to positive discrimination. Been happening in NI for quite sometime now.
  10. Makes no sense. Surely if a member if a member of the public wants to get into more danger than those serving in most operational theatres by patrolling certain areas of London, then let them.

    It's dogsh*t and the Met need sorting out. Surely the Met can be prosecuted for being racist... or is there one rule for those who are black and one for those who are white. Is positive discrimination and needs to be stopped now. Heaven forbid it ever happens in the army.... oh no, you can't join that Scottish Regt as you are a pasty white, ginger bloke. You will have to join that Regt which recruits from Cornwall. Or You can't join that County Regt as you are not Fijian.

    Am sure it will happen soon.
  11. The fish rots from the head, and The Met is using a tactic straight out of the New Labour Bumper Book of Mendacity.

    They are telling white male applicants that they have got a job. They'll just have to wait longer for a start date. This, apparently, is a loophole that means that it isn't discriminatory. It's a shoddy lawyer's trick.

  12. Why doesnt someon with some time and money take this head on and launch a law suit against the met and the government for selective racisim, or discrimination on the grounds of ethnicity?

    If it gets thrown out, make an appeal, take it all the way to the top. european Human rights court, here we come.

    It is only when something like this happens that major instiutions like the govt and the met listen to reason.

    New Labour: Positive discrimination, backwards not forwards.
  13. It's wholly wrong, and all about meeting targets. Those on the 3 year list (I personally know one who waited 2 and a half years) will get dischuffed with the service and sod off to another force or service, and rightly so.
  14. The attempts to make the local force reflect its local ethnic mix is laughable. New York and others tried this and non-whites who had failed their exams were being promoted. The next year eveyone had found a Greek/Mexican/Negro/Irish great-grandparent.

    Is the Met ethnic 'identity' done on a self-declaration basis? - as some Civil Service Departments' are.

    Does anyone know if the French still post you to another part of the country to avoid local pressures?.
  15. The French have layered policing. The municipal police are civilian and work locally. The Gendarmerie and CRS (etc) are national, are part of the military and are indeed posted to the other end of France so they have less problems coshing the local civil populace. I know this because when I was last in Paris I was stopped and asked directions by a carrier-load of Corsican CRS boys who didn't have a clue where they were!

    Most European policing is done in a similar manner, with clueless municipal police backed up by national paramilitaries (for public order) and investigative/ CID agencies for the investigative stuff. The Gendarmerie is analogous, for example, with the Guardia Civil in Spain or the Carabineri in Italy. In America, local sheriffs departments/ State Police/ FBI copies much the same model.