No waste to flush?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Legs, May 27, 2008.

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  1. When you go for a dump, you are getting rid of unwanted and undigested food. So is it possible to eat such a healthy diet, at just the right amount, that there is no solid waste to dump?
  2. Erm........dont think so... all i know is, if ur doing it once or twice evry day..uve got good bowls and digesting well *feels a huge sense of ahcievement*.
  3. No. We only excrete urine through our pee. This is basiclly nitrogenus waste. Everything else, dead cells, parasites and the food types you can't physically digest (green things etc) have to come out the tradesmans.
  4. No plus there's quite a lot of bacteria in the faecal matter. If you want to stop dumping, have your rissole sewn up and stick to liquids
  5. Dead cells, fiber, undigestible materials (for example- corn)
  6. If you have a protein rich diet, you will shit less but it will come out like black matter, really smelly solid poo, I don't know if you've ever had too much biscuits brown (I swap my minging meals for buiscuits brown) and then had a really smelly post-ex shat, but it's like that.

    whatever protien isn't used, plus dead cells etc needs to exit via the rusty bullet hole like it or not.
  7. having done away with your nads, are you trying to do away with your arrse too?
  8. Doubt it - but I'll keep trying to push the missus's back in whenever I get the chance (though it seems to manifest itself by coming out her mouth every time she talks...)

    I made the mistake of eating a full packet of Oreos last week - shite came out looking like I'd been eating activated charcoal!
  9. Don't give him any more ideas!
  10. Just try not to get any stuck in your japs-eye after doin' 'er up the wrong 'un! :oops:

  11. Ouch

    In future- check her previous meals
  12. I favour a guiness, red wine and beetroot diet

  13. -Still have cells to dispose of. You'd just lose the fiber element
    -The liquid function isn't working, the solid mass unit is

  14. No bags for them - here we have the most expensive toilet ever built (and this is the second one - so they have a spare):