No warning bomb - 3 kids hurt

Why the Fook would anyone, who knows the details, comment on here?
Screams Journalist does this post. That, or plain docile.
Now Bore off with your "slack drills"!
Well, unless they're current, in-date, trained doctors doctors, they're not. Has your dad got Downs too?
Don't know about damage caused by a bomb blast but I'm sure they know abit about gunshot wounds!
sorry but i find it awful that 3 kids have been hurt

how are adams and mcguiness going to sort this?
By declaring them all enemies of Ulster, I mean Ireland and calling on people to tout on them, oww wait they've shown their hand already, it never worked.
How the **** is Marty and Gerry gonna sort the dissidents out when they've threatened to kill wee Marty and Beardy and Sinn Feins running scared.

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