No war for 5 years?????????

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by kennys-go-nad, Mar 27, 2004.

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  1. I never expected that to be publicy announced. Well done that man.

    But will this wake up call be ignored?

    It will be interesting to see where this goes.
  2. :oops:Little embarassing to say the least but what do they expect when the last ten (at least) years have been spent reducing the forces?

    Perhaps the Americans could deal with OBL on their own??? :lol:
  3. We'll have to give it 3 months or so to see how many of the TA actually decide that they have their bounty and it's time to go. If it is a large number, that will effect the deployability of the army as a whole.

    Maybe it's time to either restrict the deployments to what we have the troops for, or for the govt to stick their hand in their pocket, stop the never ending cuts and make life in the forces enjoyable enough to make the deployments bearable.
  4. good point there plant pilot re reservist resignations
  5. It doesn't matter what Gen Walker says, Bliar will put us somewhere else by 2008 and we'll go, because getting through by the skin of our teeth is what we are good at. It's a shame that they will continue to look for other means to cut us further. They still don't understand the concept that it takes men to take and hold ground.............or a sh*t load of land mines.
  6. This is a very scary situation, it needed to be said and made public, but the ramifications about openly discussing the weaknesses the armed forces are enduring right now is very dangerous, but I guess we cannot have it both ways, dont make it public knowledge and things wont change, make it public and make ourselves vulnerable, catch 22, in this day and age given the current political climate in the world, thinking the armed forces will not have to deploy to another a large scale operation is wishfull thinking, so lets hope the masters get their act together and change things(wishfull thinking again 8O )

  7. Well, at least it looks like Sir Michael has found the voice he misplaced in 1999.
  8. None of it will change anthing, why?

    Blair wants to be world statesman, at our expense. So off we go and get more and more overstretched and underfunded. The only way something will get done is when a serious catatastrophe hits the services whilst on Op tour. :evil:

    I really do to be proven wrong on that but everytime we cut back something happens! i.e. WW1, WW2 etc. Massive cut backs and bang, lets have a war!
  9. I can't help feeling that Dui-Lai is right on this. History shows us that whilst politicians of all colours are more than happy to use the armed forces and then bathe in the reflected glory of the achievements of said forces, they are reluctant, almost to the point of refusal, to increase defence spending to reflect the levels of commitment those defence forces.

    TB is no different. He and that shambles laughingly referred to as a government will change nothing to improve our situation until the publics attention is drawn to the situation by the media. An article in the Telegraph is unlikely to bring about such attention. Given the media and publics goldfish type attention span, that will only occur if what is perceived as unacceptable numbers of squaddies start coming home in body bags.

    I hope I'm wrong on this - I would be delighted to eat humble pie and say I was wrong. I won't hold my breath though!
  10. if there is a vote in it they will listen
    whether they wil do something is another
    better to lever a Government in its last year of term than an incoming Government that way you can threaten them with eviction and no Government want that even more so Our Dear Leader(may he live etc etc) after all a rent free address in london and free travel round the world is a cushy number and I'm sure El Presidente know what all that cost!
  11. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    The 'rusting sword' of 1939 springs to mind!

    Luckily it got cleaned up and oiled by 1944.
  12. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    Ah, but what is 'unacceptable' for a govt this media savvy? Large numbers of coffins arrive at Brize, the band plays mournfully, a royal in uniform salutes, TB dressed soberly with a black tie does what he does best, i.e. acting; tearful eye to the front, choked voice making a soundbite about how these are, like, y'know, the People's Heroes who died so that we could be free... And six months later both the National Audit Office and a govt inquiry says that yes, there were some things that could have been done better, but, overall, to all of you who have done well, (and you know who you are), well done!

    And off skips TB, scot free (with the exception of the majority of his cabinet), to another glorious few years of his reign over us.
  13. As a regular currently posted to a TA unit I can confidently say that there are not a large number of TA soldiers just waiting for their Bounty before they resign. We lost a very few (less than 10 from the Regt) who resigned after Op TELIC because of the war. We lost more who were mobilised for TELIC and enjoyed being in the Regs so much that they joined up or signed straight up for FTRS.

    Also recruiting is on the up!

    Maybe we are an exception to the rule but I doubt it.
  14. Could this be why the argies are starting play up around our Falkland Islands. Would not be impressed if we weren't willing to defend our own sovereign soil but are willing to flex our diminishing muscles for others.