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Discussion in 'ACF' started by m0nkey b0y v2, Mar 4, 2011.

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  1. not wanting to be a walt, what would be appropriate atire for me to wear as an AI?

    ive got some old combat kit (pre 95) but this is mostly for fishing.......yes im that sad.

    ive been turning up in black combat trousers and either a black shirt or my norweigen thermal top. just dont wanna get a rep as a walt AI.

    the cadets im going to be serving with are badged to the paras.
  2. Ravers

    Ravers LE Book Reviewer Kit Reviewer

    Isn't a long trench coat accessorised with a camera and a party pack of rohypnol traditional for AI's?
  3. na thats sea cadets
  4. Oh look, a whole new thread waiting to be crayoned on!

    Congratulations on your first reply making it to the kiddle fiddler remarks!
  5. You will be issued uniform. Badger your DC.
  6. Please don't tell him to 'Rodger his DC'.......Must go to Spec Savers!!
  7. taking a shot in the dark here but maybe what you get issue with would be a good idea :)
  8. not been issued with the proper kit yet, and didnt want to walt it like the other CA's but dont wanna turn up in the sunday best either.
  9. maybe some vagueish combat syle trousers (not the fake dpm in the style of the old us bdu though) an a darkish polo shirt? i think there is a acf forum where you will probably get less incoming lol: | ACF | Army | Cadet | - Home
  10. I dunno how long It'll take to filter down. But First line units are being issued with the New Multicam. Army Surplus stores are about to be flooded with CS 95 imminently IMO. Even CS 95 boots are changing colour!
  11. ty coxy, dont mind the banter. truth be told ive met my fair share of walts in my cadet life and dont wanna end up like those twonks.
  12. monkey boy, where what ever you have been told to by the OC if you have seen him yet, persec not really an issue for the ACF but if you slag off the people that you may be working with, dont post personnal details on an open forum
  13. Monkey boy, if you haven't been issued your kit yet, then just wear what you are. I wouldn't wear your old clobber, esp if it looks in sh1tstate or is so old it went out of fashion at dunkirk.

    When issued just make sure you wear a acf rankslide with a generic rank on it, not one adorned with regimental titles and pukka insignia. And by all means purchase equipment (ie webbing and smocks) if it makes you comfy and realeases kit for the kids. Just keep it basic and alike to the kids.

    ie Webbing yes, chest rig/assault vest/molle no.
  14. I wouldn't wear any military kit if you haven't being issued any yet. When you are, stick to stuff that's uniform to the kid's, you're supposed to be a role model, so don't encourage them to waste money on stuff they don't really need: in trying to look the part. Fair do's on a pair of combats, if they're the most suitable thing you've got for rolling round a drill hall floor in. If you're gonna buy, why not get something that'd be suitable for AT 'n Phys activity after you've got your issue kit. No one in the ACF really needs webbing 'n assault vests - you're not going to need to lay your hands on a spare mag, frag or phos in a hurry. Get a smallish rucksack that can carry something useful like spare warm kit, first aid 'n all that confiscated porn. Also handy when you have to carry some fat asthmatic biff's Mars Bar laden webbing for them, as well as your own kit.
  15. well hopfully seeing my ceo in 4 weeks (due to my work roster) and my DC has said after that hell get me my kit, yer i was looking at the 5-11 tactical rush 72 daysack or one of its little brothers as would suit work, holidays and cadets.
    as a cadet i never had webbing (money and couldnt be arrse'd) i just used a old resperator case with a combat belt my old dear sew'd it to, if stuff didnt fit in there it didnt get taken.
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