No wah gwar?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by EX_STAB, May 9, 2007.

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  1. So everyone knows what a gwar is (Except the american band of that name) but what is the origin of the word gwar?

    (And I don't mean the nonsense on Arrsepedia!)

    I did wonder if it started as an acronym GWAH for Girl With Auburn Hair....?
  2. Ginger With Attitude is what I've always understood it to mean.

    The 'r' and 'h' on the end are regional variants! :D
  3. Gonorrhoea Warts and Haemorrhoids
  4. I thought it meant Ginger with amonia?
  5. With all the hatred towards GWA's just mean means it is easier for sexual devients like myself to find out how far their freckles go.

    What is the term for GWA lovers? Gwaphilia (Greek, Gwa - Noun - Ginger. phillia - Verb- to fill)
  6. It's an offshoot of the Biblical Creation story and stands for God Was Absolutely Rubbered.
  7. GWAR = Ginger With Attitude - Right!
  8. I believe love of gwars is covered under the umbrella of necrophilia as the stench of decomposition is very similar to that given off by a ginger birds mott.