No Vietnam but much to be done

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Mar 21, 2005.

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  1. Nice analysis of the ongoing situation by John Simpson

    John Simpson Analysis or post war iraq (2yrs on)
  2. Simpson has been around a long time in terms of Iraq. Let us hope that his comments might in some way have an impact on those who are in a position to change things rather quicker than they are moving right now.
  3. Have you read his book, 'The road to Baghdad: The Saddam Years'?

    It is a very interesting history of the region and ll the dodgy going ons between the west and the middle east (see rumsfeld courting Saddam)
  4. I read it - its very good and and uncovers a few stones. I'd definately reccomend it.

    This is the man that survived being attacked by the US in the Kurdish North of Iraq. That bit is quite a harrowing read. I understand that incident left him partially deaf
  5. I read his BBC article yesterday and I have read his book, both sum up the situation well, from a historical perspective and in the here and now.

    Lets hope the politicians take note. :roll:
  6. Fat chance. Since when did those prats ever take notice of someone who knows what is afoot? Much more interested in some clown who they call an 'expert' in return for his spouting in line with their Lie of the Week.