No Vest Tops and/or Open Toe Footwear Allowed In This Cookhouse..........

Spoke to a couple of Toms today and they didnt believe me when I told them such rules used to be enforced!!

Did it go out the window when PAYD came in, as after all the cookhouses/NAAFI must literally cater for all sorts just to balance the books??
It was being enforced at Keogh last year, so still being enforced as far as I am aware
I've been out for lots of years now but everytime i see some cnut in a restaurant with a vest, shorts and moses getaway boots on, it causes no end of chunnering on my part and eyerolling in behalf of MrsZippy.

Standards man Standards :)
Not really sure how it could be enforced to be honest.

PAYD is not a mess hall or a cookhouse. It is a resteraunt open to civilians as well. How can a soldier, off duty, be disciplined for wearing a particular attire but the wife and child of the Colonel can saunter in in what they want.

Can't have it all ways. If the Jnr Ranks mess is mandatorily turned into the all ranks / civilian club then ram your rules. Why should JNCO's have to sit and eat next to the wife of an Officer who overhears what they say? Why should JNCO's be told to mind their language because children are around - it's our fucking mess!!

Rant went in a new direction. If Jnr Ranks scoff house is to be treated as a fucking McDonalds then people can wear what they want.
I remember being on a construction tour in Ballykelly. We lived on the airfield while the Grenadier Guards did their best to turn the camp into Chelsea Barracks.
We used to rock up at the cookhouse in coveralls, parkas and wellies, leave the wellies outside and trog in wearing socks.
The Chief sloppo and Gren RSM went spastic and posted an order stating footwear must be worn.
Next day, wellies left outside and dessies or trainers worn with coveralls.
Rules changed to no mixed dress in the cookhouse.........ffs,

We ended up having hayboxes on site for the rest of the tour

Fecking Guards!

They even got our chippy to make two sentry boxes for their 'Waterloo Ball', shipped their wives over and had poor old Guardsmen outside the mess in bearskins the lot :?
Mixed (Civvy and JRs) PAYD mess here. You get the odd flip flopped and vested visit here and there but on the whole the crow ain't too bad. At the end of the day I've found it's better to have a quiet word with the more senior/grown-up/psychotic crow to get the message across rather than ranting at them or posting stuff on those funny A4 pages stuck round camp that no fecker reads. :)

The bar on camp is another example of how things are going downhill - Bar staff asked the duty screw to get the lads and lasses in the bar to clear up their empties and clear the tables. Reply: "Er, that's your job, that's what you're payed for!" :D


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Happened to me in Dekhalia in 94
Walked in with another lad in shorts and tee shirt as we were on a sports Parachuting course
C/Sgt in uniform walks up points and says "Get the fuck out dressed like that"
I left other bloke was a Staffy from one of the units he took the Colour to one side for a word

He was a very angry colour seemed to shout at any fucker found out later he was TA and his lads had had a bolloking from one of teh Chefs for coming straight in sweating from PT and he took it upon himself to enforce the rule on behalf of the cookhouse
He was even chucking people out that were sat eating

Was suprised at Windsor to see lads using the cookhouse in coveralls

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