No VC's for Special Forces



In today's papers it is revealed that SF in Afghanistan have won 4 Conspicuous Gallantry Crosses and a number of MCs.  The award of 2 and possibly 3 Victoria Crosses were blocked (no doubt by a fat Civil Servant who does nothing braver than catch the 7:35 to Charring Cross) because the events were not witnessed by a senior officer.  One wonders if the US Government would be so petty minded and down right nasty to their own troops.  Yet another example of how we resent success in this country.  Having read the accounts of the battles you must wonder precisely what you have to do to be recognised.
I doubt they are that bothered as long as they are popping heads. As most mob know, SF tend to work mainly without Ruperts anyway, so there is probably loads going down that deserves a gong or two..... ;D


Agreed, we know that, but Joe Public doesn't.  This was a declared op and this sends the wrong message to the readers and viewers
Full list here.....

Duty rumour, which someone can confirm or vehemently deny, is that the SF guys were denied the VC, in spite of Bluppets insistence they get one.

Something to do with them being interpreted as "Political awards" or some such...

How exactly a Troop Sergeant rallying his men for a counter attack, and being out of ammunition, so forced to use his fighting knife as his last best move, and carrying the day, in some desperate hand to hand fighting ain't worthy of the VC, I have no idea.

Even the Septics are looking at finding a gap in the constitution so they can award the MOH to members of the SBS for the jail firefight.

As far as I can see, and I'll stand correction on this, the descision not to award the VC , this time can't be laid at Bluppets feet.

Still, it's not the first time the VC has been conspicuosly withheld. If you have time, read this...


The rocky road we are hobbling down as the Army! Controlled by civvies who are more likely to get a OBE for cost cutting Exs!

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