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As we all like to drag topics off the subject matter, this is one thread that you can't(hopefully)

no message can be in relation to any other message on the thread,or to just increase post count, so more than one worded post is required on fear :lol: of it being deleted.

watch and shoot, watch and shoot!
I too like to drink lager!! :p
I was in Canda earlier this year made a trip to Seattle whilst i was there. I was walking down the main street, it was quite late and dark, just passing a hotel when i heard this god awful thud behind me. I turned round and there on the pavement was the body of a man, all twisted. I could only tell it was a man by his clothes, he had no head left, it kind of looked like a squashed water melon....... his wife came running out the lobby screaming..... 8O
Just been looking at some photos and it reminded me.... not of him, didnt take any of the jumper... (was tempted but not sure how i'd explain that one to the bird behind the counter at boots!) i mean of Canda.
:wink: 'took it off below the knee'... 'a rather striking mustache'... 'SNAKE, SNAKE!'... 'Her husband had been entombed in ice. Like this.'... and of course, 'I'm afraid that I was very, very drunk'.
i've just had it sprung on me apparently i'm going to see we will rock you tonight , which would be great if i didn't think Queen were the biggest pile of steaming dog sh*t under the sun , i have 3 options
1. pretend i'm not in
2. pretend i'm ill
3. buy a big f*ck off afro wig , and tell everyone i'm brian may , just to p*ss off the people behind me.
ive just finished wanking :p . Ive got a heart rate of 155 8) . its taken me half an hour. who needs running :D
Lunch - pah! I'm going to win the £18 million lottery this week and buy a big house with a pool and an assault course and a shooting range and a lake - in fact 2 lakes one for fishing and one for ducks to play on while I float around on a boat - and a wine cellar and a helicopter landing thingy and a parachute school (have I spent up yet?) ..........will think of more later

Poppy "Greedy?Who me?" :roll:
Once when we were kids my brother and i were playing with my mums make-up. He decided to put nail varnish on my eyes instead of eyeshadow 8O

Result - my mum had to rush me to the med centre cause my eyelids were glued open!

The sun has just come out - in time for me to go home yippeeeeeeeeeeee

:D :D
right twicer:lol:

Aw, PANTS!!! 8O That means this post is related to yours!! :oops:

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