Discussion in 'Infantry' started by staaken, Dec 18, 2005.

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  1. Defence chiefs have ordered senior officers of one of the Army's newest regiments to redesign its cap badge because it is not traditional enough.

    Finally a sensible if cosmetic decision from those 'in charge'. The Chokin' Chicken was awful but the danger is an even worse design that tries to pander to all three Regiments?
  2. If only our glorious leaders were so worried about history when they were agreeing to the mergers in the first place...
  3. Unlike the amalgamation.
  4. I always thought the 'Mercian Brigade' capbadge was one of the better brigade badges, looked slightly more warry than the old Lowland and Highland Brigade badges at least. I shudder to think of the alternative currently being cobbled together: ...... an antelope snared by a knot entwined by a wreath of acorns.
  5. Thank you Midwesterner, was wondering when someone would notice.

    My other question was what have the Mercians to do with the Romanovs?

    Tis a grim time.