No to President Bliar - Petition

I'm going to back him to the hilt! 8O He fcuked up the UK, now lets see him do the same to the rest of Europe......................the TWWWWWAAAATTTT!!! :x


Its a nice gesture, and a worthy cause, but do you really think it'll make a difference?
cloudbuster said:
Its a nice gesture, and a worthy cause, but do you really think it'll make a difference?
My thoughts precisely. If he is to be given the job, it will be through back-handers and excessive lobbying of the right people / countries anyway, so 1 million signatures from dear old Blighty will not make a bit of difference IMHO.

Its probably the only way that we can show a protest at this totally undemocratic appointment. It is not just a UK petition - Its European, with submissions from all over Europe. The comments are quite interesting to read especially from other Europeans, not a small number of them are calling for the impeachment of Blair for war crimes!
Since when did petitions have any effect on stopping dicators from gaining power?! There is a good chance that Blair is the anti-Christ himself, or at the very least his fore runner. The bloody liar himself Proposed President of a whole Continent? Where exactly has democracy and sanity gone to?

Jesus wept
A nice thought and I'll sign it from home, cant think it will have any affect no mater how signatures you get.

On the subject of petitions go to the downing street web site and vote for "Clarkson" to take over from "Brown" as PM, if I was clever I'd add a link but I'm not so I won't
BTW, he ain't going to be President of Europe, just the council, if we ever got to the stage of a US style pres, it would be a public vote, that was written in the original "consitution"

wouldn't mind seeing someone from the UK taking that job though, nice counter weight to some others in the union. checks and balances